Do you recommend professional soil testing?

redwolfdoc_z5(5)December 30, 2013

Hello All! Happy New Year!

Any thoughts on the efficacy of home soil testing kits? I tested my soil in 2012 with a home kit from Lee Valley Tools and got low/adequate to depleted results for both phosphorous and nitrogen in most of my beds. I've since added lots of leaf compost to my soil but haven't done much else. This year I'd like to put more care into my amendments and start things off right... does that mean sending samples to a lab?


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We just had one done. I think the professional ones give you better info, a breakdown of all nutrients. We've always had it done professionally. Marg

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it can be costly but if one is really concerned then go ahead. For me, it's just a matter of creating balance by using compost and composted manure. 1 bag of composted manure results in a season long healthy garden. I prefer this method over artificial fertilizing. I also use bonemeal or bloodmeal.

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ianna do you find the raccoons are attracted to bloodmeal or bonemeal? I've heard that can be a problem and we already get regular visits...

(I notice we're both in Canada in the same zone - are you in the GTA as well by chance?)

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yep. part of hte GTA. While i have had raccoon problems I haven't had problems with them digging out the soil I don't think it would be an issue.

My problem with raccoons has to do with my veggie garden but in the past couple of years they haven't caused problems. I do have problems with rabbits and sometimes finches which ate up my kale leaves but I find them cute and don't mind at all.

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I've never done soil testing, so can't comment directly; however, I might have a helpful notion, ( of course it could be complete crap too).

The city of Ottawa has a composting program from which one may buy pickup truck loads of compost @ $20 a pop. I wonder if TO has a similar program? If so, that would be a cheap source of nutrients for you green stuff.

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