Sick Bay Laurel

CerebralMonkeyDecember 21, 2013

Hi, I bought this Bay Laurel tree in the fall and transplanted into its permanent 12" pot. It had scale so I sprayed it with insecticide that was suggested by local nursery . It is now located approx. 4 feet from patio door. The leaves are slowly but steadily drying up and falling from the tree. Is this normal? If not, does anyone have any suggestions? I have just moved from a basement apartment with no light and no plants to a house and this is my first flailing attempt at growing indoor house plants.

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First of all, bay trees require regular watering (but not overwatered) Your plant must have suffered transplant shock. It means the roots were damaged during transplanting. It will recover slowly but just water a little this time. Don't overwater as the roots cannot absorb too much. Else,the plant may simply drown and the roots begin to rot away. Those leaves will just fall off and the tree should produce new branches but probably in the spring. As this is a semi tropical plant - it will grow slowly or not at all in winter.

Next time, before transplanting, water it well. Let the plant drink up as much water as possible. then transfer to a new pot.

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