Raised garden bed questions

la_newgardenerJune 2, 2010

We are making a large raised planter for vegetable garden. We built the planter with untreated fir wood. We want to keep this garden as organic as possible, couple of questions regarding this.

1. We want to stain the exterior to protect the wood from the rain/water damage. Is it OK to stain the interior?

2. Our planter bottom is built such a way that water drains nicely from the bottom. We want to use an interior liner on the sides to protect wood from the moisture. What is the best liner to use to prevent chemicals? Is rubberized sealer a good choice?

Any advice is appreciated.

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still_kris(z17 NoCA)

I have not tried this yet, but had been thinking about it after I noticed the wood rotting in my fir raised bed. Why not try some of the weed barrier landscaping material? I might suggest tyvek, but don't know about what it might leach/gas off into your planter mix.

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Boiled linseed oil is the wood preservative of choice among organic gardeners. You can use it on the outside and the inside of planters.

Just curious: by "planter", do you mean a large square or rectangular "pot" (with sides AND bottom)?

A "raised garden bed" to most people means it has no "bottom" -- the soil just goes right down further into the ground.


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Joe, thanks for the tip. You are right, our garden bed has no bottom.

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I find boiled linseed oil does not want to penetrate the wood very well and I thin it with Turpentine. I apply as many coats as needed until it will no longer be absorbed. Al

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I read that Turpentine is toxic. Is there any other organic oil/thinner which can be used to dilute boiled linseed oil?

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