OT:A few more passies

karyn1(7a)July 25, 2011

I few more passifloras opened today. Biflora, Incarnata Alba, Clear Sky and Citrina.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

You have so many pretty passies!

Did you ever get your zone9tropicals blue ginger to bloom? Mine bloomed but it is more of a light lavender than blue I think...hope they sent the right kind. The sanguinea one has nice pink red foilage and a dark reddish pink flower/inflo.

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I was just going to email you about the globba. Mine appears to be solid white. The inflo just emerged and the individual blooms haven't opened but they are stark white. I'll wait until they open and if they aren't blue I'm sending a pic to Wayne.

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chena(z8 Texas)

OOO!! Lots of Passi's at your house.. NICE!!!!!

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

Oh, they are so lovely Karyn. ANd they all look so healthy too. DO you use any fertilizer with them, or special soil mixes?

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Ament(5a SD)

So beautiful! I just started the base for a lasagna garden. Going to get myself into brugs. *g* But these are so beautiful! thank you for sharing them! :) I did get blessed with a white poppy today. It was in a butterfly mix I bought and sprinkled in a ratty rocky area. Heh

~Tina Marie

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I have about 25 varieties of passifloras and don't feed any of them a lot, maybe every 6 weeks but they do get extra potassium. The decaloba and passiflora group bloom the easiest here. I have the most difficulty with the tasconias because they are cloudforest and like the same conditions as the Sphaerocarpium brug group. Of course the tasconias are my favorites. lol At least they will bloom unlike 2/3's of the cold group brugs. I've killed too many vulcanicolas (terribly heat sensitive). Sanguineas will grow but not bloom. The arborea actually does alright and seems the most heat tolerant of the group. Tina I can include some passie seeds I recently harvested with the others I'm sending. Remember that they need winter protection in your zone. You might want to invest in a small grow light system for the winter : )

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Ament(5a SD)

Karyn, You are such a sweetheart! I will request that as a gift from the family for me. Hehe! I will be sure to pass the gift of seeds you are sharing on to another like you are doing for me Karyn. I promise you that. :)

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Did I notice that you have blue ginger that has flowered

I am a Canadian but have a home, six months of the year, I am there, in FLorida.

I have Blue Ginger in the garden there and I know it has bloomed as I see the remains of the bloom and plant when I get down in November.

Never have seen the bloom
If you have photos of this could you post them so as I might see what I am missing.
Of course I could look on the ginger forum of which I am sure there is.

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figara(Ca 9)

Beautiful Karyn. Where do you grow all these passis? Do you have them in pots or in ground?
I had a seedling of pasi Incarnata alba from last year but it died while I was gone. I had left 2 seeds and I planted them. Hope they will germinate.

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