pruning buddleia

joannpalmyraAugust 21, 2009

I've heard one should prune butterfly bush in early spring, but mine really needs a good trimming. It's sprawled out so far I'm afraid it will break apart over winter. If I remove some branches and trim off some smaller bits, will it bloom next spring/summer?

Either way, I'm nervous about it. :o/


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I've read several postings with good info on this website. You may want to search for them. I have pruned in Spring and Fall with success. Good luck!

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Thanks, Starr. :)
I don't have much luck with the search engine here, but I'll try again.

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I'm in the same predicament. Planted the butterfly bush this spring and it's sprawling out in all directions and a few sprigs are growing straight up. From what I've read, pruning should be done late winter or early spring. I think I'll wait it out. Here is an awesome link that will answer your questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pruning Buddleia

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Thanks for a terrific link, Linda.
I want David Epstein to be my gardener. What a sweetie. :)
I'm still thinking I should prune now, at least the longer branches, because otherwise I'm afraid they will break the plant right in half.
I didn't know Buddleia were an invasive in some areas! They are precious here in upstate NY. I planted 3 more in the backyard last summer. One didn't do well, and I mourned. I also recently bought 3 more (ebay!) and am planning to get those planted this weekend.
Maybe next year we'll see more butterflies.

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)

This is my first year with these plants but I can tell you they do bloom on new growth so you wouldn't be removing next years blooms if you trimmed it now. I even have a 'White Profusion' that I started from a tiny cutting this summer that is blooming it's head off in a 6 inch flowerpot right now so they're pretty tough plants. Mine are rather untidy looking, too, something I wouldn't usually stand for but since I'm growing them for the butterfilies and hummers, I try to overlook that behavior. :-)

I see you are in a different zone and that may make a difference in when you prune.


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rkerner(Z-6 New Jersey)

It's interesting that it's mentioned in the video that they're invasive in places like California.

I live in central New Jersey and have found a couple of baby butterfly bushes popping up in my garden! I have one that I divided several times and replanted throughout my yard and my neighbor has a few, so maybe with all those others around I was bound to see some popping up where I didn't plant them. So far, they're not invasive, but I could see how that might happen.

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