Free garden laurels for winter planting

den_vic(BC Canada Z8b)December 3, 2010

I have two different kinds of laurels spreading around my yard and Victoria area gardeners can come and grab them. Laurels grow fast. I also have Euphorbias trying to come up and they can care less about winter. I'm trying to make a lawn area where laurels, California tree poppies & euphorbias took over.

Since laurels are not free at nurseries why not hand them away. Note that they can spread where the ground is covered in mulch even in full summer drought. The deer don't eat them as if they were yuccas or holly.

I move rhodos and camelias in winter or early spring because summers are too dry. Even laurels hate summer moves. For gardeners new to Victoria, laurels are broadleaf evergreens often used as drought resistant hedges. They flower white and smell good. Remember that the tree is a broadleaf evergreen and it may create year-round shade if it's an English laurel. I've got otto luyken specimens also. They turn into shrubs with darker leaves.

So just dig them out and plant them in your yard this Dec. Jan is coming... laurels don't care. All you need is a 1 gal pots or a bag if you'll plant right away. The soil is soft at this time of year.

La Nina will water them.

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