averil(8b)July 17, 2012

Hi folks, How old does a brug have to be before it can be put away to go dormant. I have some young seedlings in the greenhouse and im assuming they will have to be brought indoors for the winter because they are not old enough. Is that correct? Many thanks for any advice you can offer

Averil (UK)

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You are correct in saying that your seedlings will need to be brought in for the winter. They will need light and warmth to keep them alive. Seedlings are not strong enough to able to go through dormancy. An angel must have woody stems to live through it. I've had many angels with woody stems and green stem tips that were placed in dormancy. They died back to the mature wood. So I would keep them actively growing if I were you. Just my opinion. Best wishes!

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Thanks Kasha, I shall bring them indoors and give them the best conditions i can. This is when i wish i had a conservatory!!!

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