Sago Palm Humidity Q

0nametaken0May 1, 2013

Hey guys, Ive searched threads on the Sago Palm and there are too many on this forum. I wanted to ask before I purchase a Sago Palm. I will be planting it in a deep pot and leaving it in the sun in my balcony for the summer (30c to 40c weather). During fall, I will move it inside beside a window. My question was, during winter when it is really dry, will that trouble the Sago Palm? Ive had semps indoors under good light and they are all drying up even though I mist them every 2 days and water them once a week (Im moving them outside soon.)

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Low humidity won't hurt Cycas revoluta indoors in the winter, but if it is also warm (like room temperature) then you will inevitably have to deal with mealy bugs and the risk of the plant wanting to flush leaves prematurely. Leafy growth in the winter-time is bad because you will never find enough light indoors to make the leaves look normal.

If the soil gets too dry you will notice the leaves bending down at the hinges. While indoors the goal should be to minimize anything that could stimulate growth such as warmth, water or fertilizer. If it is cool and dark the plant won't want to grow and can be kept healthier than if it is warm and goes into growth mode prematurely.

Cycas revoluta does not form a large tuberous tap root like some other cycads so a deep pot is not a necessity.

If you have a cool garage or basement, you can safely store your plant there even in the dark.


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

mine would be a bear to store inside. It is 7' across.I keep it outdoors but this is Z8b. on bad freezes , I throw leaves over the center growth point and a moving blanket or two over the whole thing.

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Thank you very much for the posts, they were very helpful. Im itching to buy one, I really do, but Im low on space in my apartment. During the summer I have no problem with it being in my balcony, the prob is storing it inside for the winter. atm The plant Im looking at is; the ball is the size of a softball and the fans are about 18 inches.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

They do not stay that way. My plant is about 10 years old.

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What do you mean? I heard they are slow growers but Ive seen posts on this forum that their plant is flushing out like 5 or 6 leaves.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Mine flushed out twice last year and it made way more that 5 or 6 leaves. I did not count them. It grows outside so that might make a large difference. It was knocked back by a severe freeze 2 years ago but you would not know it know. It has been slow to flush this spring. We have had a lot of weird weather.

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Oh, it looks like it grows moderate. Its 10 years old, it must be pretty huge.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

It started out slow. I have it in bright shade /afternoon sun.It never gets water (in semi arid Texas) in Akaline soil. not quite 7'across. more like 5 - 6'. I just went out and took a look at it.

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TT, zone 5b MA

Stick a bunch in a tiny, crowded pot and root prune them every now and then and they stay small!

Some of the ones in this pot a pretty darn old...

Hey...Cycas revoluta is not a succulent!



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That looks beautiful!

I might want to take the bonsai approach if I get one then :) Why do I love all the plants not tolerable to my climate? :

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