Unknown Aloe

CAST1(9b Arizona)May 15, 2013

My mother gave me this little aloe as a gift yesterday but I have no idea what it is. Any help would be appreciated.

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I am definitely not the best person for identifications, but maybe it could be A. nobilis? Please wait for someone else to answer, because I am not 100%. :)

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NeonCactus(8A South Carolina)

This makes me wonder if mine is really A. nobilis because mine looks nothing like Cast1

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I have one that kind of looks like this, but I think the leaves are darker, and its a twilight hybrid.

If you dont find out soon go on wiki and open all the links for the plants to see which one looks like yours...
Sorry wasnt much help

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A. spinnosissima or an A. humilis hybrid I'd guess.

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