Pitcher Plant?

jane__ny(9-10)January 3, 2013

Received this as a gift. I will admit it will take some getting used to! Not sure about this strange plant. It had 2 large pitchers, one broke off and the other got bent. I tied it with string.

I live in Florida and have it hanging inside a screen patio. Have never grown these. I am an orchid grower and am willing to give this plant a try. Could someone identify it for me - no tag or label. Any brief info would be appreciated. It appears to be a bit banged up, is planted in peat moss. Also looks like it might have some fungal problems going on (rust?).


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It is Nepenthes 'Miranda' - I got one for Christmas. I have mine in the Florida room, where it stays 45 degrees or above. I don't do anything special to mine. I just water it when it's dry and hang it out in the sun on warm days.

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Thanks, Kayjones. I thought they were shade plants? I'll have to look up their culture. I'm in Sarasota and the night temps have been anywhere between 40's-60's. I have it hanging in the lanai completely shaded. Its in the high 70's during the day. How much sun do they need? What about temps?


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You are warmer in your zone - I don't believe we get as hot here. I found this culture sheet for both of us:


Here is a link that might be useful: Nepenthes care

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Thanks kayjones, do these grow as vines? Also, how does one know which variety it is? Seems the culture is a bit different depending on the variety. Especially temps and humidity. I'm planning to leave it outside all winter, but we do get some cool nights.

I do find the plant a bit creepy looking!


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They do grow as vines. Keep it inside over winter. A bright window is perfect. NO TAP WATER. Rain or distilled water only.

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and happy to learn more about my two pitchers. One of them is a Miranda too. I think you'll enjoy yours. I know I have mine. It's quite a conversation piece when people who have never seen one come to visit... and in Tennessee where I live, that's pretty much everyone.

One of the things I've learned (and others please correct me if this is wrong) is that you don't cut off the dry pitchers until they have dried clear down to the tendril because as long as there is still "nectar" in the base it is still feeding the mother plant.

Good luck.

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You can cut off the pitchers anytime you feel they are ugly enough to cut off. They get the majority of their food from light. Bugs are desert.

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Thank you all. I'm wondering if it goes dormant this time of year? How long do the pitchers last? One last question - do you fertilize the roots in the pot?


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They don't go dormant. The pitchers last a few weeks to a month or so. Fertilize at 1/4 strength in the spring every 2 weeks to initiate pitchering.

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Thank you Tommyr, I am grateful for the information you provided. I've been given some incorrect info. I was told they go dormant in a few weeks and resprout in spring. I was also told to put fertilizer in the pitcher. I guess not.

This is why I am so grateful to GW and all the nice, helpful people here.


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