Wilt-pruf on brugs? Anyone done this before?

JuttahJuly 11, 2013

Hi everyone, I'm trying to salvage a 5-gallon potted Charles Grimaldi I've had since last year (my first and only brug).

It recently lost its leaves to spider mites, and rather than toss it, I will transplant it in the ground and see if recovers. On the positive side, spider mites are gone!

Anyhoo .... I've heard dessicants like Wilt-pruf can prevent mites, even though that is not their intended purpose. Plus it just might prevent my plant from turning into a pile of dust :)

Has anyone used Wilt-pruf on an outdoor brug, and if so, was it diluted or straight-up? (Mine will be planted in mostly shade, with a few hours morning+late PM sun.) Thanks

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