Sons Xmas present

skmuellerJanuary 25, 2014

Help! My son's Christmas present is in jeopardy.
Recently, my mother bought a Venus fly trap for my oldest, but he didn't get it for several days as she didn't know it had arrived. I used to have them and always had great luck with growing them, and thankfully, stopped my mother before she fed it taco hamburger (shakes head)... Anyways, I have yet to get to the store for distilled water, but think melted snow is a good substitute? I have sphagnum and perlite 50/50 and about an inch up of the rainwater... It is not , however, thriving. I received it with two dead traps and not sure whether to cut them off or let them wilt on their own. Also, it appears that one of the new traps is turning black as well. What am I doing wrong and how can I save it???? :( it is in front of our biggest east facing window and foes get a lot of light, so again, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Melted snow water is fine. Put it in a bright spot, sunny if possible. There is no need to feed it. Don't worry about that for now. You can cut off those 2 dead traps. Give it more time to acclimate to it's new home.

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ericmd01(KY 6b)

VFTs need moist soil not wet. Id take it out of that container sitting in water.

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Only during dormancy. During active growth keep it in the water tray. IMHO of coarse.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

How deep is the water in the bowl? Have you kept the level consistent?

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As long as the water is BELOW the bulb it'll be fine.

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ericmd01(KY 6b)

The only time id keep a vft in a tray with water is if it was in full sun. If you leave a VFT sitting in water in low light conditions it will eventually get root rot and die. Your VFT should be dormant at this time of year.

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