Sundew leaves wont unravel and has no dew

callaslilyJanuary 25, 2013

I bought a drosera spatulata (pretty rosette) and it didn't do too well in the mail, of course, because it started to get really cold. When it made it here it was mostly dead with a few greenery left under all of the dead leaves. I cut away all of the dead leaves and dead sundews and now I have a few growing back but the largest one (pretty small) worries me. A leaf or two looks a bit deformed and its been two weeks since it even moved. It looked like it was unraveling and flourishing but that stopped and now its frozen. I try to feed it and nothing happens, I keep the environment moist and warm with a bit of air circulation and even new sundews are growing recently. I'm using a 9-watt light bulb called the Intelligent Plant Light and I keep it about 6 inches from the plant including the cover i use to keep moisture in.

This is it, its little hairs are bent and so is leaves

And this is random tiny growth I'm seeing... Does anyone know what any of this is? Should I try to get rid of it?

What I also need to know is how close should the light be to the plant? Is the plant deformed because it's not getting enough light or is it the environment change? What is making its leaves not unravel/why is it frozen?

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

it's probably in shock from being shipped or maybe the humidity isn't high enough. the little growth is sphagnum. does the light put out heat? if not then about 8 or so inches above the plant, if yes, then go a little higher

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I agree with Cody. Drosera Spatulata is a really easy plant. Mine are in a west picture window. Keep it in a water tray with about 3/4" of DISTILLED or RAINWATER only.
The propagate really easy from leaf cuttings, the new plant will come out of the center of the cut leaf.

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What did you mean by feeding it? Did you try to give it insects, or did you put plant food in its growing media?

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