new ceph in the house... lot of questions..

bullet08(7)January 23, 2013

i'm new to CP. just saw cephalotus on the web and had to have one. so i did.

i'm more used to growin figs which more or less grow by themselves and don't need much attentions.

reading up on cephalotus, it seems it needs lot of work.

the small plant was sent to me by long time grower. it's currently in 1:1:1 peat, sand and sphagnum moss. sounds like it will hold water fine. it's in what seems like 2" square container.

it came with some live s. moss.

i put some live s.moss around the pitcher and leaves, but not touching them. covered it with clear cup for moisture control. i guess the seal wasn't tight. the tip of s.moss was drying up this morning.

i'll mist it with distilled water when i go home this afternoon.


i know it should be fine in this container for few months. but it seems with small amount of soil, it will need more constant moitoring and watering. should i up pot this plant? if so, how soon? i'm sure i should keep watching it to see if it's growing before disturbing it.

when can i repot this to less water retaining soil? i want ceph to be in soil mix that will not hold too much water. my reason being too much water means possible root rot. i'm thinking 1:1:1 peat, sand, and perlite.

our house is very dry. should i keep this on top of water tray? or should i get 10 gal fish tank and keep it in there with computer fan on timer?

thanks for helping.

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Just saw your post. I don't grow cephs (though I plan to) but I do grow other carnivorous plants. You're using distilled water which is the most important step. Cephs grow in boggy, poor soil so root rot shouldn't be a problem. I keep all of my plants in shallow dishes that have water at all times. I water daily and mist several times a day. I use small goldfish bowls for my more humidity driven plants.

I wouldn't repot until th plant is several months in your environment. I suggest getting a copy of THE SAVAGE GARDEN from your library. It has great info on all carnivorous plants.

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Pleased read the Cultivation section of this web site:

Here is a link that might be useful: How to care for Cephalotus

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Fascinating plant genus and information, thank you!

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