Are ya ready for some pictures??

kathi_mdgdMay 8, 2012

Here ya go,some of my tillies,aeoniums,epis,etc.


Think that's enough for now.Enjoy the view!1


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WOW, I love those tillies and epis! And that is some staghorn fern (the really large one). Thanks for sharing.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

OMG, can I come be a plant in your yard?

Just wonderful Kathi! Especially that hanging Tillie, I've never, ever seen one in multi-bloom like that -- AND shaped as well?

Beautifully colored other succulents.

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Nice! What species is the red blooming tillandsia?

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Aww that fuzzy kalanchoe stole my heart! So cute

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I don't have a clue what that red one is! Did you notice the same one sitting on the chair.It was a piece that broke off and i laid it on that chair and next thing i know it's in bud as well,so i left it there.There is no soil or anything with it,but i'm about to change that.The big one is in some sphagum moss and a little soil.

PG,i've had that tillie for several years,it outgrew the original container i had it in,so i put it in that coconut basket,and it just took off.I put our banana peels on all my tillies and staghorn ferns.I like the way it formed around the basket.I must take time to google them and see what their names are.

Microthrix,that kalanchoe is called fang something,i think,or maybe it's something fang.I just remember fang is in the name.

My brain is old and i can't remember the names of a lot of things i have.LOL,LOL

Planto,that fern i inherited about 10 or so years ago from a friend,they had bought this house that belonged to an old lady and her GK's were going to throw all the plants away,so my friend told them to just leave them and they would take care or dispose of them.Then they decided they didn't want them,so since we were friends and they knew both dh and i loved plants they let us take whatever we wanted.So i got that fern,and some cymbidium orchids and a few other plants.Someone offered me 300.00 for that staghorn(the big one)I politely said,thanks,but no thanks.

Glad you all enjoyed my plants.

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Wow, that's a good bit of money for your fern, although that doesn't surprise me (it is priceless imho). That's good that you were able to get so many plants considering they were going to just throw them away.


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