Tomato Suck Bugs -- Again!!!

woohoomanJune 2, 2014

Double posted in the garden Clinic forum, but I need as much feedback as possible!

Here's what I got going this year in my IPM program ---

Blooming ---
1 Zinnia
1 Sunflower
Bachelor buttons
Golden Poppies

Some just bought Yarrow that's just beginning to bloom but they're small
1 Cosmos or Aster(can't remember) that hasn't started blooming just yet
Cilantro that's run it's course that attracted many beneficials while they were flowering and another freshly seeded barrel of them that won't be ready for awhile.

Here's my problem though ---

I just noticed a few Tomato Suck Bug(Cyrtopeltis modesta) adults on my tomatoes and these guys nail me every year on my indeterminates, sometimes bringing my season to nothing way before the ending of it. So, I thought I'd go a different route this year and grow Romas(determinate) and Celebrity(semi-determinate).

According to the UC IPM website, control is the same as it is for stink bugs and lygus bugs. So, damsel, minute pirate, and big-eyed bugs. Not sure if anything i have growing attracts these.

Question: Do you think there might be some flowering starts at a local nursery or garden center available right now that will attract these good guys? Preferably drought tolerant and long blooming.

What plants do you use to attract these? Got some names for some that you experts use?



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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Can you try spinosad on the tomatoes?

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hoovb: I stopped using Spinosad since it's rather broad spectrum and does a pretty good number on the predators of those that one is trying to control. About the only pesticides I use nowadays are Bt; and occasionally neem, soap, and sulfur. I prefer to let the good bugs fight for me if at all possible.

Why do you ask? Have you had good luck with it for the Tomato Bug.


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forgive if i'm repeating my reply, but it looks like the one i did a few days ago has vanished.

i've got tomato suck bugs as well. i'm in los angeles, btw - have had 'em for years now. a former commercial tomato grower said the problem stems from poor soil, so i've been using lots of organic amendments - coffee grounds, my compost, municipal (but award-winning) compost, worm poop, compost tea and organic fertilizer.

have recently planted marigolds but should try the borage. tomatillos growing in the same beds are unaffected which is odd since they're solanaceae as well. i have tithonias growing in the beds, and they don't seem to be helping the problem, also have 2 mature tagetes lemmonii growing within a few feet, and have seemingly no effect. i've even taken some leaves & branches off and put them in the beds to try and ward the damned tsb's away but they persist. i have tried captain jack's deadbug (with spinosad), neem oil and a dr. earth product and none of them really seem to do anything to the buggers.

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