Brug; is this why it's not blooming or other?

thatadeniumguyJuly 31, 2014

I've got 2 brugs I bought while on a trip down south. They were purchas in 5 gal pots and in-bloom at the time of purchase. They are still in the same pots. 1 is orange flower the other pink both single-flower. They are so insanely root-bound actually they were anchored to the ground the pots were all 1/3 burried in garden soil. I had to enlist help just to pull it out. I brought it home about 6 months ago and it's getting about full sun now. It's healthy, it's growing, but it's getting too much hot sun, the leaves go soooo wilty around 3pm till 5pm everyday but then they always perk right back up by 7pm on their own, never any leaf casualties. I'm afraid to move it to more shade because no doubt the roots are down in the ground again. They threw such a fit when I bought them and did that in the spring I can't imagine them now in the summer heat. Is this why no flower? I have gotten tons of 'y' branching but no flower. You think the buds shrivel up or the heat is preventing formation?

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Do you see shriveled up buds either on the plant or on the ground?

Regardless, maybe the wilting everyday does do something to the plant. I am no brugmansia professional, but I am a horticulturist. Stressed plants do sometimes not flower.

Personally, I suggest giving them a spot where they get morning sun, and afternoon shade or filtered sun, to keep cool in the heat of the day.

Are they still root bound? If they are too root bound, they might also not be getting enough water to promote buds & blooming. This may also be part of the reason for the wilting in the heat.

Lastly, have you tried taking a cutting and starting a new plant? I have 2 large brugmansia every year. But every fall, I completely chop them down into 6" pieces, and then throw the plants out. I root the cuttings over the winter, pot up in the spring, and have 6' plants loaded with flowers from July-October. Then I start the process over again....

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Never see any buds. When they finished flower shortly after purchase, I pinched off the 'sockets' that hold the 'bulb' or flower. Do they reflower on the same buds? I screw up?

Mine should be evergreen in zone 9B, my neighbors has a 10 footer, flowers year-round. They are very root-bound, a matt of roots atop the soil, however drainage is still very good.

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Hi A-guy, I too am a Adenium collector (pass 10 years) and recently started ordering Brugs so I was happy to hear that you have a neighbor that has a 10' burg growing year round. I have a brug that had a lot of buds growing on it until I transplanted it into a larger pot and then it dropped all the buds and some of the leaves so I am not sure if it was the transplanting, the heat or humidity that was the problem but I do know brugs take a lot of feeding so if you are not feeding often enough that could be your problem. I am not an expert but wanted to add my 2 cents and hope it helps. I have yet met an Adenium grower in my area so I would be interested to hear how yours are doing because right now where I live it is very HOT and HUMID....not sure where you are at. Dottie

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I believe we have liftoff, Houston. Tiny fuzzy strings showing up 1 on each 'Y', so small I nearly confused them for fuzzy mites. I believe they are buds.
Does anyone know do brugmansia rebloom off of old flower 'socket'?

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OK folks, the reason they might not be blooming is that they need cooler night time temps to bloom. They bloom a bit throughout summer, but the real show time is fall, when temps dip below 80*. I've been growing these beauties for a few years here in sunny NC. They do appreciate afternoon shade from the dazzling heat, although some are in full sun. They are also heavy feeders and love water. I'd re pot that monster, and move it to where it could get some mid day shade. It could be wilting so bad because it's in a pot, not in ground. Can you sink the pot in ground and dig it up in the fall? Just some things that we bruugers do for these beauties!

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

rubby, you live just south of me. i did root some brug pieces one winter but then they got too gooky and punky before it was time to plant them out. SO, I have a bunch of questions, and i hope you don't mind:

do you root them in the dark, or light? do you pot them right after they root and keep them in a lighted situation? or on a heating pad? at my stage in this, i would def not be confident that i could regrow them ev year as fast as you do. What do you feed them and when do you begin and how often ? If they begin as sticks, do you force a fork in them by cutting them back after they have taken root in your pot in spring? Thx much for your time!
btw, your b'day is Paul McCartney's (my era) and mine is the day after yours. :-)

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And, sometimes, stressed plants get the warning and DO bloom! This is how I get a mature Brug to bloom outside here at the Jersey Shore if it's taking its sweet time. Whether they are planted in a pot or in the ground. I aggravate it!

In the ground planting (and pots that have had roots grow into the ground from the pot), I give a good tug until I hear the roots 'crack' free of the earth a little. A good dose of Miracle Gro or other liquid feeder usually makes them pop buds within two weeks. I've used the same principal on mature Wisteria as well-- take an axe to the bulging ground roots. Believe me, they get the idea that they might be dying (they don't) and bloom post haste! :-) Even in September at the Jersey Shore where the days are getting shorter, but still warm.

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Surprise!!! Hundreds of buds popping out like candy on both plants. :)

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