Cold Stratification Double Check

MarysLambJanuary 3, 2014


I need a double check of these seeds for stratification. Thanks.

YES - Sarracenia purpurea
YES - Darlingtonia californica
YES/NO - Dionaea Muscipula Mixed Bag
YES - Drosera paleacea
YES/NO - Drosera sessilifolia
YES - Drosera burmanii
YES - Cephalotus Follicularis

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ericmd01(KY 6b)

The dionae and drosera palacea and burmanii don't need a cold strat. The ceph needs a dry cold strat for 8 weeks. The sarracenia and cobra need a 4-6 week cold strat. Not sure about sessifolia but iinm it doesnt need a strat either.

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