Are my seeds dead?!!

carnivorousplantsJanuary 6, 2008


you remember my big order on christmas?

Well, I had ordered some sarracenia seeds with my plants and I was so happy with my plants that I forgot I had ordered seeds.Just today, when I was throwing away the packing peanuts I saw a litte orange envelope with the seeds inside!

Do you think the seeds have a chance?

I would really appeciate any advice.



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There shouldn't be no problems. The seed of carnivorous plants are hardy. They may lose their viability in about a year and to maintain their viability; they can be stored in the refrigerator. But I bet your seeds were recently harvested this fall, most Sarracenia seed are harvested during the fall by the growers. So they should be viable.

Sarracenia seed are quite hardy so they should be okay. Just follow the instructions given by the grower.

You got to keep a list handy fror you ordered, that way you can check each item. Also some growers like California Carnivores and Cook's Fly Traps will throw in a freebie. You got to make sure to check the packaging before discarding it. I threw away a cephalotus in the garbage by accident. I got an e-mail from the grower asking how I like my freebie. By the time I got to the garbage in the heat of Arizona, it was dead. :-p

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I bought them from cobraplants.
Thanks alot for the info, in most websites it says to place them in the refridgertor immediatly or they die.I did'nt know they would live out the
refrigerator.guess it's a misconception.

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All you can do is give them a cold stratification and try germinating them. Yes, keeping them cold is the ideal, but think about all the seeds that being traded and in transit for several days. I had a bunch of seeds sent to ne from a hobbyist in England. I stratified them and attempted germination. I got a pretty good yield... and then killed them!

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Agreed, a few weeks of warm temperatures is not going to harm them. When they get wet and cold is when things really start happening. If they stayed warm for a few months, I would be worried about viability. Stratify them for a couple of months and then see what sprouts in 2 to 6 weeks after warming them back up. I bet you get at least 50 percent yield.

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I'm going to give you an update on the seeds I planted.
After I found them, I stratified them for a few weeks.
After that, I removed them from the fridge and planted them in 4 pots.
About a week after that the seeds started sprouting.They are currently about
the same size as don's baby purps.
I'm seeing alot of variation among them, some tall, some short, some fast, some slow.
Some of them are already starting to make pitchers!
I hope they look like MH's when they grow up.

- Adrian

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