Tacitus Bellus and other shots

jeepman69(8b)May 21, 2012

Been trying to get use to my new camera, but here are a few shots from around the yard.

First lets start with this one. Can you see my plant guards?

Next as promised Tacitus Bellus. I got this plant late last fall. We have had our ups and downs, but this the first bloom for me.

Top View

Side View

Okay can you see the guards now?

I know a nursery that always does a "rainy day" discount. So when we were having all the rain a week or so ago I stopped by one day. When I got there they were having a 50% off clearance on their succulents! Here is one of the few I picked up that day. Got it for 4 bucks! Looks like it needs a new pot though. : )

I will post pictures of the others from that trip later. Here is a picture of a non-succulent plant that does well in this area in cactus gardens.

Esperanza 'tequila sunrise'

Here is a Euphorbia that is blooming for me right now.

Another non-succulent bush that does well in a cactus setting. Pride of Mexico .............. it does so well it is starting to become a weed in my garden! Seems the hotter and dryer it is the happier it is.

Okay can you see the guards now?

Here is another one. I believe this is a male.

It is hard to tell in this picture but this cactus is about 14 inches tall. I think this is a female. I had a bunch of caterpillars make cocoons between the spines on this cactus. She is cleaning them out for me. : )

Thanks for looking. All of these were taken with the new camera, I have not quite got it down yet but they are getting better. Now I just need another lens!


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Cooooool stuff Glenn! I get stick bugs here sometimes too but mine are a different species, light brown, like they would blend with sand or, you know, dry twigs.

I tried to grow Tacitus Bellus from seed, unsuccessfully. The flowers are the really special thing about it. If it ever pups for you, I'd be pretty interested.

Also, that is the most stretched out pot I've ever seen with that Sans. Sweet. It must have gnarly roots.

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That San busted out of that pot about 2 days after I took that picture. So it has a new home now. Even with the pot being busted I almost wasn't able to get it off!

Will have to see what happens with the Tacitus, like I said we have had our ups and downs. Even with the blooms I am leary to even begin to think I have it down yet. I seem to either give it to much water at times and others not enough. : )

With all the rain we have had lately the stick bugs are running rapid! Hard to walk around the yard without one falling on you or at least seeing one. Had one scare the crap out me yesterday while picking figs. The wife got a big kick out of it though!


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I haven't seen stick bugs around here in ages (or any praying mantis for that matter...). If only I could find someone to pick through my plants with a "fine tooth comb" when I needed it. Haha, I think that's why it's best to put Sans in plastic pots, they'd damage themselves in a clay pot as much as they like to spread out. What species of Sans is that?


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