can white Flies do this to my Brug

kashmiriJuly 29, 2012

Hey guys,

I have been moving from vegetable to flower gardening and acquired a Brug from Logees. It was doing fine for a couple of weeks. I had it out in, yes, some hot weather, but in the shade where it gets morning sun only. Nevertheless i started noticing white flies, I used some soap water concoction, but it seems like it took the critters away for a while, but every day i notice a few. So I have moved my plant indoors hoping to give it some rest from these bugs. Please advice if there are any other diseases that could be doing this.

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another picture

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

Just so you know, you need to do the soapy water concoction to kill Whiteflies every 10 days for at least 3 sessions. That's what it takes to get the bugs, larvae and eggs.
you likely will have better results using insecticidal soap.
If you have any other houseplants, do them too as the Whitefly has probably already migrated to those. It is always wise to be sure any plant you bring into the house is free of pests because pests like the home environment.

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AllanRandall(z7 OKC)

I actually have one that has been looking exactly the same. I have never seen any white flies on it. What I do see is spider mites. You may want to pull out the ole magnifying glass and give it a once over.

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i have been religiously spraying with the soap water almost daily, cuz i'll notice a few white flies almost every day. i guess i'll have to move to the insectisidal spray.

Allan, let me know if you have determined a treatment for your plant... i'm hoping this baby will survive!

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by the way have you guys had any success with neem in averting white flies?

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AllanRandall(z7 OKC)

Kashmiri, I have not ever had to battle white flies, so i don't know how neem works for them. On the subject of spider mites, I'm tried many organic and non-organic methods and the majority of them just don't seem to work for mites. My best solution was a neem oil/dawn soap/rubbing alcohol mixture. The trouble is that when it gets on those damaged leaves they usually end up yellowing and falling off. I use the mixture a couple of times and then switch to a strong jet of water to keep them under control. It really seems to be trial and error with mites though. I wish you luck.

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