Heat Loving Brugs

byrd4460(9 LAKELAND FL)July 11, 2010

Here are a few Brugs that have stood the 101 degree

temperature here in Florida. All of these brugs have

perform flawless and have produce an abundance of

blooms as well and the blooms holds very well through

out there bloom cycle.

All of these Brugs are planted in full sun without any

shade throughout the day, however Dr SEUSS has become

one of my most favorite brugs. I love the color and the

abundance of fragrance and blooms it continue to produce

and it's such a vigorously grower as well.

Chocolate Brug Velvet Rose

Mountain Magic

Dr Seuss

Autumn Treasure

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Very, Very nice!

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PKponder TX(7b)

Just beautiful! What do you feed with to get such large flushes?


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They look great. I really like the MM. I've had blooms but no decent flushes yet. Nothing is liking our 104+ temps, including me! The plants are doing ok as long as I water them but I'm still getting some scorched foliage on many.

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CB how absolutely beautiful! You're up there with plantman in Chicago for very talented brug growers in my opinion.

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

I even had scorched foliage here in Zone 5-6 last week so your Brugs fared better than mine over all in the heat. Golden Lady was my best one blooming this week, nothing seems to bother her whatsoever.
Your flushes bring back memories of not so long ago for me, well done!

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CB, spectacular flushes as always! I know what you mean about Dr. Seuss. I have a noid (Dr. Seuss/CG) that continues to bloom lots in spite of my neglect!

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Absolutely Beautiful Brugs, you sure know how to capture them with your camera, I have had some Blooms but nothing like your flushes


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Wow! lovely Brugs.
I did not know that Brugs can take such heat.
Kindly reserve some Seeds for me. I want to
try them in my hot climate here in Malaysia.
Thank You.


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Beautiful photos CB!! My MM likes the sun too. I put it where it could get afternoon sun and it bloomed its head off. I was sorta suprised because when I first got it, it seemed like a slow starter...until I got it into the ground, that is, and then it took off.

Ruth Ann: I put my GL in the ground this year with more afternoon sun. It seems to like it there. The last GL I had never did that good with afternoon shade, in its pot so I am hoping this one will do better.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Yes, brugs can take that kind of heat -- WITH HUMIDITY! LOL!

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Those are gorgeous CB. Thanks for the info on direct sun tolerance. I've not put any into direct sun, but even filtered sun is pretty direct here this time of year. Our temps here are running about 10o below last year and with the added bonus of rain everything is very happy.

Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures.

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Awesome!!! I just loved your Burgs.. you have a green thumb, good job CB!!!

with similar sort of heat a humidity in my region I am thinking of giving a competition to you (in very far future though)...lol


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Chocolate Brug, don't forget me, when you cut back this fall. I still want cuttings from your heat loving brugs. Seems like the only ones from last year, that are growing are Georgia Peach, and nomame single pink and yellow from our "good deal" from filthyRich10 on ebay. Remember Karyn. Barbra

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

Beautiful Brugs as usual.

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