Spring Swap - Food Sign Up List

rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)April 1, 2006

Here's our sign up sheet for the 2006 Spring Swap.....

So far, I'm bringing the plasticware (knives/forks/spoons).

What does everyone think of doing hotdogs with all the fixins and sides? The other year we did it worked out well. We can put a couple of the guys on grill duty (hotdogs don't take long). As I remember that place has electrical outlets for the chili or anything someone wants to bring in a crockpot.

We'd need...




condiments - kethchup/mustard





sides - baked beans, etc... whatever you like

snacks - chips, cookies, etc...

drinks - soda/sweetea/unsweet/water


paper products - plates/cups/napkins


Chocolate Eclair Cake! Hi Shannon! :D

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I'll bring the chocolate eclair and a new chocolate dessert. I can also bring kraut. Shannon/Dirtrx

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What? no jalapenos? just kidding - NOT!

I will bring whatever gets overlooked.

Not to put any undo pressure on anybody but the chili last time we were at Creech Road Park was some of the best I have ever tasted (and I come from the southern plains where chili is a staple). Not that you HAVE to bring it again (and I know who you are) but if you aren't you could share your recipe and I will do my best to live up to your high standards.

For those of you attending the spring swap for the first time thinking that gardening and plants my be the main focus of this group - you have soooo much to learn. You see, we are really in it for the food. And since during the swap I am the one dinging the bell - while you guys are hunting down plants I am taste testing all the goodies.


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For proof -please refer to previous swap pictures LOL. Shannon

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dtpforu(7a NC)

Amen! I'll bring BROWNIES with NUTS for John to sample while he's dinging. And some condiments. Mustard and Ketchup.


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buns, plates, relish. good mix for a student. ;)

should i bring about enough for everybody or are we going to have multiple people brining the same things?

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Tammy Kennedy

i'll do homemade salsa and guac again. maybe lemon or limeade if the prices come down out of the stratosphere for lemons & limes. tam

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goldiemom(7B-Greenville NC)

Hey everyone! I so enjoy all your posts! My fiance and I are coming to the Spring Swap and we are NEWBIES! (Go easy on us, OK? ;-)) I have a killer recipe for potatoes (potatoes, cheese, sour cream and other good stuff--yum!) How about if I bring that? And how much should I bring?
We can't wait!

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Hi gang, looking good everyone, Thanks Bunches! Shannon we always enjoy your desserts and Tammy it just wouldn't be the same without your salsa and guac! Vickie, you know you're going to be back-up too for whatever looks lacking closer to the time, lol.

Hi Carol and Welcome! Just bring whatever size you'd like. We generally have a good sized crowd and a bunch of good cooks, plus those that know how to hit the grocery store or fav chicken place on the way in. It's OK to run out of something, we just make you bring twice as much next time. Right Shannon? Heehee...

Arwen, it's usually best if we double up on some things. That way we don't run out of things, like forks...remember doritos, cookies, etc.,... make great spoons. Also if something comes up at the last minute and someone can't make it then we've got a back-up or we can always run by the store and get it on the way in. One relish should be plenty and just let us know how much you plan to bring as far as buns and plates and someone else will jump in if need be, I'm sure.

OK, need some input here. How many dogs/buns should we plan on? Enough for 50 people (includig kids) or....? I think the 1st time we did hotdogs we used about 7 or 8 packs. That was a couple years ago and we've really grown.

John, you know we've got ya covered. No one goes away hungry or plantless, from this event!

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I will bring iced tea, 4-6 gallons if you think we can use it. I can do half with sugar and the other half with Splenda.


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I will bring some hotdogs. Just let me know how many!


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My mind may be way off but it seems like both swaps (that's right, we do this again in the fall!!!) bring about 45 people together. I'm not sure if that includes spouses, children and pets. That can be a lot of chili or dogs for one person to be responsible for so for some things it will be best for many people to bring the same sorta thing. For things like desserts, dips and casseroles I'd think that just a standard family size amount would do.

We have had problems in the past when we ran out of stuff but there is no way to accurately plan on how much to bring - so be flexible and it should all work out.

The overall theme of both the plant swapping and the pot-lucking should be to do what you are most comfortable with. If you don't have the time to completely tag every single plant you bring; if you end up digging things at the last minute and slapping them into a plastic bag; if you like cooking food for 50 people - whatever works for you. We are not here to judge, we are here to socialize and swap plants - besides, we usually have around a thousand plants in front of us and something in that mix has got to be edible!

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tyndall(7b NC)

I'll bring some pasta salad and a pack of dogs. The good red ones for all of us natives!

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Do we need charcoal? I have an 8 lb. bag of Match Light that needs to be used. I can also bring a pack of hot dogs and buns plus some bottled water.

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aisgecko(7b Raleigh)

I'll bring potato salad (the white kind) and I am bringing a friend (maybe 2) so I will get them to bring assorted canned drinks and a cooler of ice. Maybe more but I have to ask what they are up for. -Ais.

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Ditto what John said. In all the time we've done this I don't think we've ever not had enough and we usually end up begging others to take something home, ie; food, plants, etc..... Bring what you would like. If possible post it here, that way those of us that kind of stand back and see where and what's still needed to fill in can do so.

Carla, that sounds great, but maybe do one of those without anything? Some people like it unsweetened.

Shari, YES! I left charcoal off the list, thank you for remembering!

Sally, whatever you'd like to do is fine. Thanks

Ais, it all sounds good, thank you!

Thanks All!

Does anyone know whether any of the Kroger's up that way carry the Kahn's hotdogs anymore? Krogers shut down in this area and I haven't seen Kahns in years!

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OK, I will be bringing 6 packs of hot dogs.
Buns, anyone ;-)?

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jeane(7b Garner NC)

Hello All,
I will bring 4 packs of hot dogs, a bundt cake - serves about 20,and a box of 18 sturdy forks. I'll check back to see if we'll have enough rolls.
Gardening in Garner,

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Baked beans, and secret recipe cole slaw. Doubt if I'll have to take any of it home. If so I'll also bring little baggies so you CAN take it home!

Nancy the nancedar

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Thanks Sally, Jeane and Nancy! Dogs a plenty, secret recipes, Bundt cakes, etc...It all sounds great!

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tietie(z7b / 8 nc)

TJ, I think I brought chili last time. I know I've brought it before but just don't remember if it was last time or not. It was the white chicken chili. Let me know if ya'll want that or if I should find something else to bring.


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Tanya, I had some white chicken chili at the last fall swap. Then I had seconds and I think I may even have had thirds. I hope you will bring it this time if it is not to much trouble. Adele

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tietie(z7b / 8 nc)

So, that settles it. I'll bring the chili. I'll also try to remember to bring bowls and spoons, but sometimes I flake, so someone please also bring them in case I forget.

chocolate eclair cake, YAY YIPPEE HURRAH (can you tell I look forward to swaps just for that)

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So if Tanya's bringing the white chili, I'll bring the red. It will be a big crockpot - do we have power there?

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new2nocarolina(7 NC)

So, if I bring ice and plasticware and some food I'd be ok? how about salt and peppers? do we need them?

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Brenda - yes there are power outlets on the corner supports to the shelter (but place your food as close to where I am sitting, K?)

Adele - the truth comes out. Now we know that I am not the biggest piggy at the swap! Yet all the photos show me with my mouth full... why is that?

Folks I'm thinking Waldorf Salad - not that I've ever made Waldorf Salad before. It can't be THAT hard can it?

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Brenda, red chili is great, is it thick enough to us3e for hotdogs, or do we need to keep dog chili on the list? There is (or at least was) outlets to plug into. The first time we did a fall swap we did chili and some of us brought crock pots so we could keep it hot, so that worked out well.

New2, Welcome and we appreciate anything you would like to bring. Especially ice and food! I'm going to bring plenty of plasticware (I have a source, heehehe), so we've got that covered, but we still need some paper products, like napkins, cups, also buns, maybe some drinks?

All - I'll make a list later tonight of how it's going, but gotta get back outside for now!

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I'm thinking about bringing some barbeque....eastern NC variety....save me an outlet!

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My chili is thick enough for dogs I think.

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Bmaxx, that sounds good, Thank you! If need be we can always swap them around to keep everything hot.

Brenda, Thanks Bunches!

For anyone wanting to know what else we need check the list in the 1st post and just eliminate as you read down. I know we still need more buns, sodas, paper stuff, onions, or
goodies (chips/cookies, and so forth) and could double or even triple up on some of the side items, like potato salad, beans and such. Thanks everyone!

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With the amount of food - should we plan on eating, swapping and then eating again? LOL. Or can we just move the afternoon swap to the place which cannot be named and do a second swap later in the afternoon ;0. Will they let us use their parking lot? Can we swap food for their plants?
Just so I don't confuse anyone this second swap is in jest. Several of us, after the swap, then travel to a certain nursery and buy more plants. Don't ask me why. It is a tradition which feeds the addiction. So plan on a road trip afterwards plus you will need time to digest all the food. Shannon

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new2nocarolina(7 NC)

Okay, I will bring hot dog buns and ice and napkins.Probally a salad of some type or a secret dessert. If I can get out of the house with them....

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I'll bring buns, sodas and napkins. And probably a dessert.

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I'll bring chips for Tammy's salsa and guac as well as the small bag of charcoal, hot dogs, buns and bottled water.

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kioria(z7 NC)

My husband and I would love to join you guys - we're vegetarians, so I guess we should bring veggie dogs? I can make some chew bread too..and water? Also baby pickles.

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kioria - perfectly fine to bring anything you'd like to - esp the chew bread! My baked beans are meatless and I'll make sure the pot is marked as such.

Nancy the nancedar

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Yikes, I am so sad there is no way I can ever be able to attend these swaps... First I read the Swap request list: so much great enthusiasm and love of plants! And now, reading the food list...Dang dang dang-A-Lang... just banging my head on the keyboard in dismay. I just have to work on weekends, but would so much like to go, and meet all y'all swell gardeners.(Have had the fortune to meet some last fall) Feelin' like Cinderella, not being able to go to the Ball. Muy sighs.

I'm so glad this swap exists, though! The NC Triangle area has so many plant lovers with great knowledge. I am blessed to work in horticulture every dang day, and it tickles me so much to see an event like this happening. Have Fun Y'all!!!!

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Jean Hidden

Can someone please tell me where the link is for the info for the swap? It seems like I saw it somewhere.. Now I can easily find the food sign up - a start :-)
Also, how does the plant swap work? How many plants and what sizes should someone bring? What time does it start/end? Thanks! Jean

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jnhidden - The plant swap info is on the Exchanges page by trianglejohn WANTED: Details of the Raleigh Spring Swap - this tells you the where and when. For more info on how it works see dirtrx's WANTED: Shout out to the swap newbies - this has a lot of info and will ease your mind on what is expected of you.

And, bring food. We need to refuel after all that trading and lugging plants up and back and talking for several hours non-stop.

We look forward to meeting you, Jean, and welcome you to the world of rabid - I mean, avid - plant swapping.

Nancy the nancedar

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Hello folks,
My wife and I are coming to the swap this year, from Charleston, SC. My mother lives in Raleigh, so she is coming too.
My wife has a wicked good Potato Salad receipe and she knows how to make a ton of it....just ask the family from previous holiday gatherings! LOL
We will also bring some dogs and/or buns and who knows what else my mother has planned.
I hope to have some Calamondin Orange trees to bring, it is a cold hardy citrus. So in connection, I am making Calamondin Meringue Pie. I have nice ripe Calamondins ready to pick.
Can't wait to meet you all!

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cactusrequiem - Welcome y'all! I'll be the first in line for the Calmondin for my marmalade and I'll hide the pie so no one else gets a clue what it tastes like. Heh-heh-heh. If your wife's potato salad is so good we would LIKE a ton of it and you should plan on taking home an empty bowl. Hope your mom's a gardener too - we love all newbies, especially local ones. We get them hooked and then repopulate their gardens with our stuff.

Nancy the nancedar

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Thanks New2, Shari and Alicia. Really appreciate everyone pitching in!

Welcome kioria... never had chew bread, but it sounds interesting. We love trying new things!

Hi Jean and Welcome. Just in case you haven't found the info you needed yet I'll stick a link below to the 'Exchange' board.

Hi Darren, well Nancy's first in line so I'll have to stand on her heels....ooops, sorry... for a Calmondin! Oh YUM! Oh, and 3 cheers for those Moms that put their hearts into special goodies and instill in us a love for gardening and sharing!

Here is a link that might be useful: Carolina Exchange Board

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Will be bringing some potato salad also and a bunch of flavored waters......

Lynne and Tom

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Thanks Lynne! Will be so glad to see everyone there. Oldtimers and Newbies!

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dtpforu(7a NC)

OK, as I said earlier, I'm in for Ketchup, mustard, brownies for John, and I'll even jump in for the onions.

Welcome all you newbies! You will really enjoy this swap. It's tons of fun.


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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

I can bring fruit salad, also paper plates and cups unless I missed someone else mentioning those in the posts.

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ferndottar(z5 Mi)

Does anyone like pecan pie, and if so how many do you think you all can eat?

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I know for a fact my wife loves Pecan Pie. Must be southern thing, I can live with it or without it. Sorry, originally from New Jersey....can I still come to the swap? LOL
I am still planning on Calamondin Pie.

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Oh Dawn, please bring Pecan! And does your walking iris overwinter? I brought mine inside last winter, but was unsure if that was necessary?

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ferndottar(z5 Mi)

Hi Brenda,
I don`t think it would overwinter outside. I have enough that you could experiment, if you want to.
I`ll bring the pecan pies and maybe some lemon bars.

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Well, I picked the first batch of strawberries last night for my DH's breakfast this morning (I do that because he is the one who tends them all year but I like to do the harvest part - one for the basket, one for the mouth...). They are fruiting full bore so early!!!! I thought instead of the secret cole slaw I'd bring a giant basket of the strawberries. Mind you they are organically grown and some may have bird pecks, plus you have to remember not to eat the yucky leaves 'cause I am NOT going to hull them, but they will be washed nicely and patted dry by hand. Anybody have a problem with that?

Nancy the nancedar

P.S. If some non-cook wants to bring a couple-three dozen cans of whipped cream that would be nice. HehHehHeh.

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Hey Ya'll! I was planning on making some NC BBQ, but my last trip to the grocery didn't find me with a good peice of pork. I'll try again tomorrow but, if no BBQ, I'll grab some burgers or dogs and buns!!

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Karen, that all sounds great and we love fruit salad!

Dawn, that's a big 'YES' on the pecan pie.

Darren, there's a word for 'us' Yanks that came down here and never went back, but we won't go there, LOL. Since you're bringing Calamondin pie, I think they'll behave. Actually if you ask around you'll find that a lot of the folks here are transplants.

Nancy, No problems here and that sounds yum! Can't get enough strawberries this time of year.

Bmaxx, no worries, whatever works best for you is fine.

All these desserts we may have trouble. John, remember you have to keep one hand free for bell dinging. That or I guess you could put the bell on the ground and ding it with your toes, LOL. Can you just see the visual on that!

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dtpforu(7a NC)

Darren, I'm in line for one of the Calamondin trees, too! Sounds GREAT!

STRAWBERRIES! Too bad I'm not closer, nancedar, or I would come get enough of those strawberries and make a pie. As Rootdigger can confirm, I make a mean strawberry pie! Yummy!

Well, some bad news. I don't think my DH is going to make it Saturday. He told me that he would be glad to stay home and watch Kirsten (my 3 year old granddaughter) so I could enjoy myself without having to keep up with her. I have news for him. I was going to get her to get plants, too! Hahahahahahaha Just kidding. Really, though, I don't think our cook is going to go. He's just not into plants and swapping. So, if there's anyone out there that wants to cook, go for it. Or I can cook and still grab plants. I'm multitasking.


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My daughter and I have decided, at the last minute, to attend. I don't have many plants, but I'll bring a salad.

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dtpforu(7a NC)

Anna, not a problem on the plants, and if you really want to get technical, you are bring lots of plants with the salad. You won't go home empty handed, I promise you that! Glad you guys are going to get to make it.


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Jean Hidden

Bringing desserts (brownies, and maybe cake also).
I have never been to the Raleigh swap before, although I live here. I didn't even realize local plant swaps were going on! What fun!!!
I have been on the gardenweb, and found it by accident...
I will bring wild ginger, and viburnum plants.

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Nancy - I know this will sound like blasphemy but there is a strange recipe out there concerning strawberries and I tried it last month and liked it. You soak fresh strawberries that you have cut in half in balsamic vinegar with a spoonful of brown sugar thrown in. The vinegar brings out the red of the berry. You chill them in the fridge and before you serve them you sprinkle them with black pepper. I know, I know, you probably think I'm crazy but after eating them fresh each morning and making a ton of jelly it is a nice sorta salad. Mine are at their peak also. I've also got some berries on my bright pink flowering form (not Panda, the even pinker one from Herronswood) and on my variegated one from BBs.

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BLASPHEMY! Getting strawberries wild on balsamic and sugar and then adding PEPPER????

Hmmm. Would that end up being like raspberry jam and horseradish on cream cheese? 'Cause that is my all time favorite tongue tingling weird combo.

Hmmm. May have to set up a "try at your own risk" plate at the food tables. I certainly have enough berries to risk having to dump them in the compost pile,

OR, I could just fill your pockets with it if you are like, making, like, fun of me.....

dtpforu - Separate baggie just for you to make a pie to share when you get home.

I'll bring baggies for the rest of you to take strawberries home, and I expect all of you to take my strawberry PLANTS home from the fall swap!

Nancy the nancedar

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dtpforu(7a NC)

Nancy, you're such a sweetie! Thanks, just for that, I put a double fan of Bali Hai in your bag! (need about 4 cups for a good pie).

OK, my friend Angie is bring the brownies that I said I'd bring earlier, but I didn't tell her to add nuts, John, so you're just going to have to do without. (I like them better without nuts anyway). Hahahahahahahaha

I've cut up a quart of onions, and sobbed the whole time. I hope everyone is proud of themselves for having me do that. I've got 2 bottles of ketchup and a large container of mustard. Think that will be enough? Might just bring another of each.

I think I'll add slaw to my list if no one has opted for it.

I'm also bringing the newest addition to my family, an 8 month old cockapoo, and my newbie friend is bringing her sheltie. Please don't feed them. :-) No matter how much they beg. Coco is in training and we're trying to get him acclimated to people. So he may bark at all of you. Just pet him and he'll love you to death! Steff, the Sheltie is an adorable girl. She'll endear you all to her and you'll want to take her home.

See you all tomorrow!


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I may bring Tami Faye Barker again - she's grown so accustomed to being with me 24 hours a day with the cross country drive and all,, but on the other hand this park is not our normal park and I doubt she will be paying attention to me (she's rather be in the woods hunting squirrels) so she may have to stay home and keep the couch warm.

I'm ready... at least I think I am.

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dtpforu(7a NC)

Cole Slaw is made! TJ, is Tami leash broken? Coco will definitely be on a leash. Steff probably won't be, but she'll be rounding up everyone anyway, seeing she's a sheltie. Coco likes squirrels, too. Steff thinks all animals should be her friend.


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dtpforu(7a NC)

I've compiled the food list. Not that it's all inclusive or anything. No one is going to get mad if you don't get to bring something that you've put yourself down for. As TJ said earlier, there are stores nearby.

assorted canned drinks aisgecko's pals
baby pickles kioria
baked beans nancedar
bottled water shari1332
Bowls tietie
Brownies Angie (Vickie's friend) jnhidden
bundt cake jeane
buns arwenlurks new2nc alicia7b shari1332 cactusrequiem
cake? jnhidden
calamondin orange meringue pie cactusrequiem
charcoal shari1332 shari1332
chew bread kioria
chili for dogs brenda
chips shari1332
Chocolate Eclair Cake! Hi Shannon! :D Shannon
condiments - kethchup/mustard Vickie
cups karen__w
drinks - soda/sweetea/unsweet/water alicia7b
flavored water lynnencfan
forks jeane rootdigger
fruit salad karen__w
homemade salsa and guac tamelask
hotdogs keithrnjd tyndall shari1332 jeane shari1332 cactusrequiem
ICE aisgecko's pals new2NC
iced tea ratgirl
kraut? Shannon
lemon bars ferndottar
lemon or limeade? tamelask
napkins new2nc karen__w
onions Vickie
pasta salad Tyndall
pecan pie ferndottar
Plates arwenlurks
potato salad aisgecko cactusrequiem lynnencfan
potatoes goldiemom
relish arwenlurks
salad anna_8nc
salad or dessert new2nc
salt & Pepper new2nc?
slaw Vickie
spoons tietie rootdigger
strawberries nancedar
veggie dogs kioria
waldorf salad TJ
white chicken chili tietie need to take chili to dellare at BB's

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Well Tasha the Beagle is staying home. Besides Tasha would steal everyone's attention and we'd never get any swapping done! She's over 14 now and moving slower (but not much considering her age) but still thinks she's a pup and deserves everyone's undivided attention and adoration. She's the Baby!

Anna, Not to worry, you'll have more than enough when you leave, *vbg* hehehehe........

Thanks again for everyone's help in chipping in on this. Looks like we've got all bases covered!

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I don't know.... that food list looks a little heavy on the healthy type of food. I need a lot more junk if I'm gonna ding a bell all day.

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goldiemom(7B-Greenville NC)

What a food list! Aunt Bea's Yummy Potatoes would be best if I can keep them warm...did I see somewhere that there are electrical outlets where our food will be? If so, I can put the potatoes in my crockpot and they would...well...be YUMMY! :-)

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Don't forget serving utensils for whatever you're bringing.

OK, I've got plasticware for 100 (LOL). Plus dips and chips and other junk type stuff (got your back John). Looks like we're covered except might be a little light on sodas, so if anyone has a fav, bring it.

Goldie, we do have electrical outlets. We've done chili crockpots there in the fall.

See you all tomorrow!

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My bag of charcoal is small. Just one I had on hand. If noone else is bringing charcoal I'll need to pick up another on the way. That's alot of dogs for an 8 lb bag of Matchlight!

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