Brug fragrances?

td1026July 11, 2011

Do the scents differ between colors? Can someone describe what the pink, yellow, and white ones smell like?

BTW, does Lowes or Home Depot ever sell brugs? I've been longing to get one here in the Orlando area

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

td1026, you can not lump all pinks, all yellows or all whites as having the same fragrance for Brugmansia any more than you can with Roses or any other flower. Each has its own individual fragrance that may take some effort on a person's part to learn.

A non smoker may say all pipe tobacco smells the same, however I think a pipe smoker would heartily disagree LOL.

It takes lots of practice to become familiar with the fragrances. I love them all. I can tell when one is blooming in my winter house, not even knowing one was ready to bloom.... on the other hand, my hubby dislikes the fragrance of all of them.... go figure LOL.

Here in Canada you can purchase them in Home Depot but I can not say if you can in the USA, sorry.

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In my opinion, the double-white is by far the most intoxicating fragrance--and the strongest. Neighbors down the street say they can smell my tree as soon as dusk falls. I'm willing to send cuttings of mine, though I'll need scoop on how to mail plants legally, how to wrap cutting for shipping, etc. Let me know!

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chena(z8 Texas)

Scent is like opinions.. Everyone sees and smells things differently!! Some smell Heavenly while others seem to smell like insecticide..LOL
You kind of have to grow them and see which ones really appeal to your sense of smell. I believe for me New Orleans Lady is one of the best smelling..

flizbolina where is it you live? Packing can be explained easy enough.. BUT where you live could make a difference..Nice Offer !!! and Welcome!!


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Most Home Depot's and Lowes' I've been to don't ever carry these exceptional plants. I was lucky to find a pink variety at a small Asian plant store in Cali a month ago. I saw a yellow one at the same store the previous week but didn't get it. When I saw the pink one a week later I had to bring it home! It was $30 dollars for a 4 feet tall one. The funny thing was there was another 2 feet tall tree in the same pot. The leaves of the two trees looked totally different but the flowers were the same pink color.

The tag said "strong fragrant at night" and I didn't believe it because the flowers didn't have any scent at all in the morning. When night falls and the new buds start to bloom I could smell the sweet scent from 10 feet away. It took a few hours for the green bud to turn into a white flower and then into the pink flower like it should. I was amazed at how fast it grew.

I grow mine indoors next to my french doors where it gets sun light in the morning. I kept it in its original container and gave it liquid fertilizer every 3 days or so. I might be killing my plant by planting it this way but not sure what else to try. I don't have a good location in my yard for it. So far so good.

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