Rooting in water

Pellis1(8 TX)July 20, 2012

I broke my Brug and placed tip in water it has a lot of white bumps like roots forming how long should I wait to pot in soil.

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You can pot it up now. They will turn into roots. Just place in a shady place and water when dry.

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Pellis1(8 TX)


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When I took mine in last winter I cut three branches off and put them in a large jar of water. They rooted and thrived all winter long in water alone. I gave them to my mom last month who planted them in her yard and they have taken off gangbusters. I'm going to do this every winter.

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Iôve put two brug cuttings in wáter about five days ago and I think they are getting nubbies but both cuttings seems to have generalized White raised áreas now on part of the stem. Is that bad or good? Thanks!

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That's the start of roots. You can continue in water until you have roots or plant it up in a 4" pot. I leave mine in water until they have a few roots. Once they show roots, I replenish the water with Super Thrive added @ 1 drop/gal. This helps root development.

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Thanks Lonnnie! The bumps are getting bigger and look like they just want to start shooting out roots any day now. What's strange is part of of the stem turned whitish and now the outside is peeling off. It almost looks like maceration.
Anyway, the still look healthy so I will go with it! Thanks.

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

Here's a little pictorial with explanation on how to do it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Water rooting with peroxide additive

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Thanks for the link, it explained it well with great pictures.


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I've never tried peroxide. Thanks for the tip.
I'll have to try it.

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

Both very welcome :)

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poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)

I was trying to find out HOW to root Brug. cuttings. Is it water, soil,or perlite,or what? I just got a very long ,17in cutting on EBay, paid a lot for it, now I have to root it. I have never had luck rooting cuttings off my Versicolor,so...can someone tell me should i just stick it in water till those white bumps appear, or put it in soil,or all perlite???? I have it in water now to keep it alive,but i JUST got it and I want it to root asap,and then i can plant it.
I want Versicolor, but cant find it. It was my first Brug. And the only one that ever lived for me. Any other color I just couldnt get to live, here in south Fla, It should thrive. I see them all over the place, in other yards, and the yare all ugly plants, like mine are, but in full bloom,just like mine are,but theirs are alive. Mine die off after the second or third bloom cycle. Dont know why.

So this is a single white,gonna try another 'color'.,...white. The plants maybe look ragged,but when they bloom,it is worth it. any hints on why I have no luck wit hany other variety,orther than Versicolor? But the rooting part is first:)

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poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)

Someone emailed me, I dont see the answer posted here. It went straight to my email?? Is that a new thing? Cool.
Well she reccommened water to root, it is in water now to keep it alive. So, is water the leading rooting way? Everyone agree? It is semi hard wood, she asked, so i hope she is reading this,it has a bunch of tiny leaves all up the cutting. And a growing tip. That of course is soft green.
I think I will get a clear glass vase or something,so i can see if it puts out those root buds. When they come out, should I move to perlite? Or stay in water till i get real roots? Usually when i wait that is when it dies/rots. But soil always kills any cutting I try. This one is called 'Frosty Pink', it looks pure white in the picture, I forgot it is pinkish,VERY light. Hope this roots/lives. Thanks. Any input about what to do after I get the root buds would be great. And is Versicolor hard to find now? Or does everyone grow it? i love it, but all my plants of it look about next to dead, and I cant find it anywhere,not even on EBay.
Anyone have one...glad to buy cuttings/pay get some.

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The only brugmansia cuttings I've had full success with (from cutting to huge plants covered in blooms) is from putting a large cutting directly in a fairly sheltered part-sun area in the ground.
I think the reason why cutting have a hard time in containers is because they stay too wet. At least in the ground, the drainage usually is infinitely better than in a container.

I have just started trying to root brugs in water and am happy with the new leaves and nubbies that they are growing. Next I will be trying to root cuttings in pure perlite.

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kimka(Zone 6B)

I root some cuttings every fall. I just stick about 6 of them in a six inch black plastic pot full of very moist soil. I keep the soil very moist the first couple of months through the winter, then gradually let it dry out a bit more until the soil reaches typical. By then there is enough of a root ball that I can start giving them away . The pots stay in indirect light

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