Help with Agave Queen Reginae Varigata

JGW3(7)May 15, 2013

This little guy came in the mail today. Bought off of Ebay and this is not a dig, complaint or anything negative about the seller. They were GREAT! Immediately made things right!

But, this is how this guy got here. Apparently something was rubbing during transportation. So please take a look and give me a direction to head. At this point I am hoping for advice from one, some or all of you before a take action. I am thinking I need to go ahead and pot em up and high and make sure those wounds get plenty of air in hopes that they heal and a year from now it will be like nothing ever happened.

If he lives I think I am doing pretty good for a first Agave!!! Can you see my arm reaching around to pat myself on the back?

What do you think?

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Here is the other picture. Hey can you see that old gritty mix I messed up still at top of the trash can? I really need to figure out a good back drop!

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I wouldn't worry, new leaves will grow and replace the old in no time. Plant it into a porous mix, leave it dry and in a shaded spot for about a week, then treat it normally.

I keep mine outdoors in a pot, unprotected all spring, summer and fall. They easily take a freeze, but in a pot the roots are susceptible so use caution.


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Thanks X I appreciate the help.


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