Pinguicula Primaflora 'rose'

icenineJanuary 31, 2008

Does anyone know where i can get this cultivar? I saw a picture, and i've sort of fallen in love with the plant. I dont have much to trade, but i am willing to buy it off someone.

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Do you mean Primuliflora? I'm not sure about the 'rose' cultivar, but I know at least 4 different vendors are selling Primuliflora, and it would be worth emailing them to see which kind they have. California Carnivores has it, Hortus Botanicus has it, Black Jungle has it, and Cook's Carnivorous Plants has it. As for whether or not they are the "rose" cultivar is questionable but worth looking into.

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I wsih I had a picture available, but my plant is sending up a flower scape. Instead of the light iris color, it has this funky turquoisie striated color.

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I'm not sure if you are still interested but here's a site which shows pics of P. primuliflora "Rose". Because the pics may be copyright, here's a link instead:

It is indead a beautiful plant, can't wait to get my hands to a clone. The flowers do not produce seeds so it can only be propagated by cloning.

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