I need some beginner advice

luisito8m(9)January 30, 2012


I've been reading A LOT about carnivorous plants, and I would like to grow my own, seems that is pretty tricky but I wanna try.

There is still 1 more thing I must know, what type of soil/medium do VFTs need? I would appreciated specific names and specific ratios.

Thanks!! :)

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Plain old peat moss and Perlite (NOT Miracle grow perlite) is usually what people use. Some use sand instead of Perlite, some use long fibered sphagnum moss. It has be be free of fertilizers. A 50/50 mix of those is all you need.

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Do you know where I could buy live s. moss? Peat moss and perlite?? online?

I've been going from webpage to webpage and no luck finding them.

I can't wait to grown my CP from seed.

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regular peat moss is available everywhere, just don't buy Miracle grow brand. For Perlite or Peat moss Google them. Plenty of places have them. Although you should be able to find some locally.

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