Drosera & Ping recommendations?

paul_(z5 MI)January 23, 2008

Looking for small growing dros and pings that don't require a winter dormancy for my bog terr. [From what I've seen, most pings would not be a problem in the size department, but a required dormancy would be an issue.] Currently have a D. capensis, D. adelae, and what I believe may be a P morensis.

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They arent impressive unless you have a ton in one pot, but D. Spathulata are pretty sweet, and most pygmy sundews will work, too.

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twotut(N.Ca.foothills zn 9)

I have the Pings Cyclosecta, Agnata Red Leaf and Esseriana, they have been very easy to grow with no dormancy and have been flowering like crazy. I bought mine at HoustonHerb.com and Cascade Carnivores and the plants were beautiful and the prices were very reasonable. I have limited space so they worked out just right. Good Luck...!

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D. adelae and P. primuliflora go well together. I have many Mexican pings and although they tend to like the change in seasons, they don't need to be kept like Sarracenias ad VFT's. D. capensis, spatulata, dielsiana, aliciae, burmannii come to mind, also. Pygmy sundews are like Mexican butterworts in that they also like a change in seasons. Bladderworts are also good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket album

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Just to let you know, pygmy sundews don't grow very well on a bog terrarium, too much humidity will kill them. Of all my sundews, pygmies are the least I water.

They seem to like a slightly drier environment with it media with good drainage. Surprisingly I had some pygmies growing along side with my Mexican butterworts without any problem.

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Hi Paul,

Sounds like it will be a pretty setup when you are finished. As far as I know Mexican Pings don't need a dormancy.

Someone please correct me if there are some that do.


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