companion plant for lance leaf sundew

nepthesJanuary 8, 2010

I have some lance leaf sundews and a n.biacarlata a n.rafflesiana and a n.ampullaria growing in my tank and want to know what else would grow well in it?

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So I assume it's a hot, wet lowland tank...what about any of the tropical Australian petiolaris complex sundews (lanata, paradoxa, etc)?

D. adelae (lance leaf sundew) grows along-side D. schizandra and D. prolifera, so they should work well as companions.

Some Mexican butterworts might work as well, but be careful: some of them require (or very much prefer) a dry dormancy period.

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D. prolifera

D. indica

D. spatulata

D. falconeri

D. paradoxa

U. gramminifolia

B. liniflora

I list these because they are truly living as companion plants in my ytopical setup.

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Lycodium might be nice. I really like the temperate North American varieties that grow as companions to sarracenia in the wild.

There are several Southeast Asian forms. They are offered on eBay sometimes.

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