Help with N. miranda

Bob1016(9b)January 12, 2012

Hey guys,

I have a beautiful full grown miranda, that used to get huge 18" pitchers. For the last year and a half it has done nothing. The plant is about two feet long and will produce one leaf every two or three months, and has not pitchered for a year and a half. The new leaves just dont develope any pitchers. The vine is there but the tip just looks like a tiny brown leaf.

Please help!


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2 questions, how much light does it get daily and how often do you feed it? I suspect one of those to be the problem. Maybe both. This time of year they usually don't pitcher. That usually starts in the spring. For now, once a month feed it 1/4 strength orchid food. Bright, indirect Sun all day.

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I know they go dormant (or at least are supposed to go dormant) during the winter, but last spring it did nothing. As far as sun goes, nepenthes and sun are strange, some plants prefer sun, and others of the same species don't. I had it in full sun in early spring, then when no pitchers arived I put it in filtered light, still nothing.
I usually feed it a diluted 3:1:2 fert (at about 1/4 strength) every other week. It just hasnt done anything.

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neps are odd,id just keep doing what you have been doing and leave it alone

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So I said screw it and did something that I should not do: I reported my nepenthes. When I got to the roots I think I found the problem: the two foot tall, two foot wide plant had a root ball that was two inches in diameter! I water it and take care of it just as well as my truncata, but for what ever reason this Miranda's roots were horrible and sickly. I put it into my standard blend (long fibre sphagnum, crushed lava rock, and some bark) and hopefully the roots will take hold and thrive, if it dies then it's no worse than what would happen if I did not transplant it.
All I can do is wait and see. It's funny Miranda is supposed to be one of the easier varieties and it's almost dead, but my truncata is doing great!

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I think it is a combination of light and humidity. In low light nepenthes will not pitcher, and in low humidity they will abort their forming tendrils and only produce dormant buds. Nepenthes do not go dormant, they are tropical plants.

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