Drosera capensis growing questions

goofy_507January 30, 2014

Hey, I was wondering what the cape sundew's growing requirements would be. I don't have a very humid house and the temps range anywhere from 69-75 throughout the year. Also, I was wondering if the seeds-or even a plant-would be able to tolerate cold temperatures (like 0-20 degrees) for a short period of time. The reason I ask this is because I wish to order some and I live in rochester, mn. As you may know the temps in January vary daily. I ultimately plan on donating some specimens to the greenhouses in the horticulture campus at RCTC so that my fellow peers can enjoy them, and they could help with our fungus gnat/fruit fly problems. Thank you for all your help.

I appreciate your insight, and wish everybody great growing.

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They like normal house hold temps. Bright indirect Sunlight. I don't think they would like 20 degree temps at all.

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Those house temps are beautiful for the Capensis- I grow mine under t5 lights because it's too hot outside for them. May be an option for you to try? They don't seem to like a ton of light from my experience. They are among the lowest plants in my tank.

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During winter time, you can grow it in a Styrofoam box and add light. Tadaa!! You have a heater/light source. I built mine a 18"x18"x60" for under 125$

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Nice! I just recieved the lil bugger in the mail and his leaves are blackening at the tips. I assume this is part of the RH hardening???

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Blacken at leaves tips? It sounded like shipping stress. Most, if not all, of CP nursery grow their plant in green house so the plants are most likely NOT harden. If you want to harden your plant it will take a while. Here is what I do:
1) Put a humidity dome over the plant and leave it in the shade for like a week (A 1 liter Coke bottle with the bottle cut off will work) The 100% humidity will help the plant get back its dew
2) remove the cap after week but still keep the plant cover (it should be around 70% to 80% humidity)
3) remove the dome in a week or two and it should be harden
**This is what I did where I live. Different area has different way to grow. What work for me may not work for you** There is a river behind my house so the humidity is usually 60% to 70% or more.
I find that all Drosera need high humidity to produce dew. The hotter the temperature the higher the humidity and capensis is not exception.

Good luck growing

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I did harden him for about a week. I just realized I've been watering him with bottled water. I assumed it was alright til I noticed the small text "purified with minerals added for flavor"!!! Do you think the 2 weeks of poisoning is too detrimental(ontop of the shipping and hardening shock)?

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DonâÂÂt need to panic; campensis cans be a very hardy. Sometime I watered them with tap water because I ran out of distilled water. As long as your container has a hole, it will be okay. Try not to do it often though. I don't think 2 weeks will be a problem if your grower sent you a healthy in the beginning. What kind of media are you using? How much humidity?

PS this is a good over view of D. campensis:

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There are no leaves on it at all. It's pretty much a little green bud on top of the 75:25 peat/perlite mix. I flushed him pretty thoroughly last night, so hopefully there is hope! Btw, the RH can't be much more than 35-40%. I hardened him in for bout a week and a half.
--I appreciate your help and concern

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You should check its root. It may be rotten. If that is the case, it may has fungus.

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This is either strange or it makes perfect sense, but to my relief, the plant has begun to grow!!! In a matter of a day and night!! I flushed it, and gave it a light, and it gave me hope in return. So are you hinting that it should not get water logged continuously and should dry SLIGHTLY before rewatering?

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I never water logged any of my inside plants.

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My cape dews dew just fine sitting in their plastic water trays on a chest of drawers in my bedroom.

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Whatta beauty! Unfortunately the momma died :( I tore off some roots and just barely covered em, hopefully I will get something back! I'll keep you guys posted on my turnout.

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been having problems with my cape's getting there dew back from shipping, its been weeks and still no sign of dew or any type of moving when touched, should i try with a dome from a coke bottle over my plants as well? I was putting them into a plastic cover under a light and then moving them onto my sunporch when it was sunny for some sun light and fresh air.... it seems to be growing new little legs but, they still have NO dew on them? should I be worried?? there are pictures of my plants inside of the humidity wrap in my other forum titled "my carnivorous plants need HELP!" or something to that degree, theres pictures on there to show you what I mean with my cape sundew typical and my 3 small alba's, would appreciate the help thanks

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