What in the world is going on here? Pic included

AllanRandall(z7 OKC)July 5, 2012

I've been scouring the internet, with no luck, to try and find out exactly what is going on with my NOL. About a month ago, the leaves started cupping under. Now it looks as though they want to fold in half all together. I've had trouble with spider mites with a brug in the back, but it's leaves are all gnarled and distorted. This one, I've kept the under side of the leaves washed off and I even sunk to the point of using a systemic on plants that the bees don't touch. I can go over this with a magnifying glass and not find any mites, so I really just have no idea what is happening. I'm eternally grateful for any suggestions that you guys can offer.

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How often,and,what strength fert.are you giving it? Lots of factors that affect brugs,but,and don't take this for gospel,it looks like it could be too much or too strong. They will do that if they eat too much.

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AllanRandall(z7 OKC)

I figured, if anything, I might be fertilizing too little. I've been using Miracle Grow 20-20-20 and I think it is 1 Tbsp per gallon, but I've been using a little over 1/2 Tbsp. I do this one a week and then maybe once a moth I throw some liquid seaweed in there with it. It may still be getting a little osmacote as well, don't know if it's still in there. Maybe I should cut back to every week and a half.

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Pellis1(8 TX)

I would agree with Rudy looks like to much!

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My brugs do that when I over feed them. Sometimes the leaf stems (peduncle) curl awfully when they are over fed. Other than that, it looks REALLY healthy!

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I had this happen once and I am not sure if it was fertilizer related or not but I was told on BGI that it was more the middle leaf stem has grown longer than the side of the leaves can keep up with. When I checked it seemed to be the truth as I couldn't even force the leaves flat. Whatever it was it took a while but worked itself out. It's really not that uncommon from what I understood.

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AllanRandall(z7 OKC)

Thanks everyone for your advice. I think that you are all exactly right. I was trying to gradually step up the amount of fertilizer and I think I got a little overzealous and took to big of a step. I would think that It would have to be too fast of an increases, because I always hear about how much people feed them and I wouldn't think that 20-20-20 once a week would be too much. I'm currently sticking with half a Tbsp instead of a full Tbsp.

Not to bombard you all with questions, but I was wondering about fertilizing with every watering. Is it better to offer a fraction of the fertilizer with every watering or a larger amount once a week?

P.S. Some of you may enjoy this mystery. Shortly after taking that picture, I left for a few minutes, couldn't have been more that thirty. I came back to find about four of the leaves partially skeletonized. Of course, my first thought was grasshopper, but it couldn't have done that much damage that fast. Once i got to looking around there was pieces of shredded leaves on the ground, so they weren't even eaten. There are what look like tiny claw marks on the surface of some of the leaves. Now, there is guttering above and there has been some bird activity, so that is a possibility. However, some of the leaves were on opposite sides of the plant and it's just hard to imagine a situation in which a bird would flail around that much without just falling off of the plant. It is a mystery that has certainly left me in a jaw-dropped confusion.

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Pellis1(8 TX)

I would agree with Rudy looks like to much!

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