zucchini on some plants turn yellow and die

charleetlc3June 23, 2008

I have about 12 plants with the leaves that are green w/white spots/stripes? the zukes are light green striped, on some plants the zukes turn yellow at about finger size and either die, rot at the bottom, or drop off, most other plants are fine grow nice size and tasty zukes...

What could be the problem? water one a week deep, from the bottom, on the really hot days of temp. 90-102 degrees I will water the next morning but not real deep.

any help appreciated live in north san diego county ,ca

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)


You can be the bee. Move the pollen from male to female early every morning.

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I've grown them in hot So Cal with success. But sometimes when they are first starting to flower they'll drop off. And if it is over 80 or 90 degrees they won't pollinate.

I've had good luck hand pollinating. If you look, you can tell which flowers are female because they're fatter and look like a tiny zukes. I'd break off a male flower (skinny stem) and just go around pollinating my female flowers.

Soon, you will be looking up zuke recipes. And here's an old gardener's joke for you:

How can you tell a person who doesn't have any friends?
He has to BUY his zucchinis!

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