I thought I only had white flowers

karyn1(7a)May 19, 2012

I've had several epis (not sure if that's what the one in the 1st 2 pics is) for a number of years and never really paid much attention to them. Every year I'd see the same white flowers. This year I guess some others decided to finally bloom. As soon as I saw the buds I knew they weren't white flowers. I have no idea what finally prompted them to bloom. I've had these for at least 4 years, probably longer.

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So if I told you you don't bring me white flowers anymore, you'd take it as a compliment, eh?

And they're pretty! That last one might be a species - aren't Disocactus coloured?

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I really know next to nothing about these. Is the one in the first pics an epi? The flower looks different and the stems aren't as flat as the other two. I only have 1 that I know what it is because it's tagged. It's a small variety with white flowers, Epiphyllum p. var.g.montrose. I have 5 or 6 others with no ID's, including the ones that are pictured.

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More detailed pictures of the leaves would help me a bit, but I still know next to absolute nothing about these wet-area inhabitants. The few I did have were mostly Selenicereus / Harrisia, with only one potted Epi.

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What a lucky happenstance! Beautiful colors!

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