Drosera capensis not creating dew

LostBoyGardenJanuary 12, 2014

I just got a sundew last week and I'm worried about it. I have it in a terrarium under a flourecent light and a 60 watt dome light shining in the side of it mainly for heat but also for additional light. I'm running 17.5 hour days.

How long should I keep my lights on per day?

Every chance I get I'm spraying water in the terrarium to keep the humidity up. I watered it and drenched the soil in distilled water as soon as I got it and there is a small amount of water on the base of the terrarium.

That would be considered using the "tray method", correct?

Day temperatures in there are 65-75F and night temperatures are about 60. The lid of the terrarium is open on the one side. I take the lid off a few times a day to wiggle the pieces of cricket on two leaves in hopes that it will digest them but it's been days and nothing has happened.

Should I take off the crickets and wait until my plant creates dew to put them back on, or will my plant just digest them when it starts producing dew?

I feel that I'm giving my plant the perfect environment but she still isn't happy enough to eat the food I'm giving her haha.

What am I doing wrong?

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I am not a fan of terrariums for CPs. I'd take it out, put it in a shallow tray of water in a bright window. Lack of light tends to be the reason for no dew. Also, it's probably adjusting to it's new home as well.

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That doesn't look like nearly enough light for vigorous dew production. I have a very dewy D. capensis (along with a few other carnivores) that I grow on a tray, with 6 T-8 fluorescent bulbs on 16 hours a day. The fluoros are about 5 inches from the sundew.

Sundews like a *lot* of light. In nature they'd be getting full sun for like 12 hours a day. Here's my setup -- the D. capensis is on the far left.

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And here's how my capensis looks up close:

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