Is this enough light for N. ventricosa? [pics included]

LandStanderJanuary 25, 2014

It is two Agrosun Compact Fluorescent bulbs
26W 6400k (cool) 1600 Lumens

So that is a total of 3200 Lumens, and I only have the 1 plant. As you can see, the lights are about 5" or 6" from the plant leaves. It gets very little real sunlight, almost entirely artificial. Will this plant thrive, or do I need to add more lights? Maybe readjust them? (this photo was taken with a cellphone, which is why it looks so dark in the is horribly bright in real life hah)

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ericmd01(KY 6b)

Hi. That should be enough light but I don't think Thats a ventricosa. Any chance you could take a close up pitcher picture?

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Hello, and thanks for the reply Eric!

I purchased it at a nursery and it had 2 tags on it. One said ventricosa x Lady Pauline, and the other said maxima. I will try to post a pitcher picture soon if you want still :-)

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