Anyone ever try 'Green Light' Bloom Booster?

daniellalellJuly 31, 2009

I can't find any MG or any other water soluble form of Bloom Booster in the stores. No one around here will be stocking anymore. Whats wrong with these stores????? The only kind of MG BB I could find was the granule/pellet thingies. I want water soluble.

So the only kind I could find was 'Green Light' Super Bloom 12-55-6. ANyone use this before? If so how was it? Are those good numbers? I checked the MG BB when I got home and the numbers on there are 15-30-15.

So, whatchya think?

I am thinking of taking whats left of my MG BB and mixing it with the Green Light BB.

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That ratio sounds fine but I've never heard of that brand. I honestly can't stand MG but know quite a few people that use it. I buy most of my fertilizers and micronutrients at a hydroponics store or online. I wouldn't mix them. Not sure why but I just wouldn't do it.

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Daniella you just have no good nurseries around!! Sorry you are having such a hassle in keeping your fertilizer etc in stock. the numbers sound good to me also. I think my BB is made by Schultz. I like that BB better then MG.


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MG is just the easiest to get around here. Seems to work well for me. And I always get nervous trying new stuff..kinda like..stick with what ya know, ya know?

This year I thave been mixing the MG BB with the reg MG giving half strength every other brugs are loaded with buds & growing like they are on steroids. I don't know if you guys recall but I had a majorly sucky year last 3 blooms? Nothing wanted to grow. Much better this year. I have so many buds out there.
HOnestly though, I dont know what made the difference? Fert switch up, SuperThrive, Quick Start, Weather, Only using pond water, putting string algae from the pond in the pots like every week? Maybe its just the newly acquired monsoon season? God only knows, and he won't tell me, lol.
I havent used any Epsom Salts, or Fish Emulsion this year.
Who knows.

Thanks for your thoughts on the ratio. I feel better now.

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Daniella all that matters is that you are having a much better year this year!!!


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