My Sphinx's moth will not fly away

christinebutterfly(7)August 12, 2012


As I have raised them from a cat to the moth they are now I had a few born with dis formed wings one already died and the other one looks as thou it's wings were burned and does not have enough spots on him I am giving him sugar water by hand. By I have one that did fly away drank some sugar water I left out for them and then he flew away. But this morning he came back and is not moving that much I am trying to make him drink by bring his tongue out with a tooth pick but he does not want it. He will flap his wings fast like he wants to fly but just falls off the table on to the floor i pick him back up but he just seems to see me and jumps back on me and just hangs on me I try to put him back but jumps on me again Did something happen to him My other ones mated as soon as they got out (wow and a long time :) ) Is it cause he cant find a mate and the others Moths has not emerged yet (6 of them )and he came back home to dye I dont understand I kind of cried when my others ones flew away and the disformed ones died Any idea on what i could do I put him on the window ledge and he wont fly off again his wings go but he wont just a few feet then fall.

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JessicaBe(5-6 Central Ohio)

How is he doing now?

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