Sick Echinopsis mamillosa Update

ferocactuslatispinus(Zone 4/Sunset 43 WI)May 14, 2012

I've been misting it, but it hasn't been improving at all, and the flower bud is still growing. So, I think that means the plant's not dormant. From that conclusion, I checked the roots today, and I thought they were healthy the first time I posted. However, the whole system has been dried out from the beginning. I cut all the dead roots back to the base of the plant leaving two root bases. I've got it lying in the soil with the base's current state as seen in the second link. I'll continue the care of it as has been instructed.

Actually, should I make a larger, cleaner cut and let it callous over? Also, do you think I should remove the bud (flowering uses a lot of energy...)?

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Hi Fero,

That's no flower bud, that's a pup. I would leave it as-is until it begins developing roots, then pot it up. I would also stop misting it.


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ferocactuslatispinus(Zone 4/Sunset 43 WI)

Sorry Nancy. I should have clarified that I'm just referring to the main plant as far as misting and making a larger root base surface cut goes, since it has no roots. I've been advised I should mist the plant until I see new growth. I just thought it might be a flower bud, because I've noticed it grew from above the areole and is growing up and outwards. has a "Cactuspedia" where it shows a flower stalk on the species. I'm thinking the base of the stalk looks similar. If it is a pup, that also sucks some energy from the main plant, and I've got to get the main plant established first.

*I had an old post a while back last month, and the links don't work anymore (wasn't thinking when deleting images on photobucket!)*

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