Vines /other plants good near pool

annemarieoJune 14, 2011

I posted this in the Vines forum and someone suggested I post it here too.

Hi, I need ideas on what to plant in my raised beds surrounding my backyard pool. The yard is pool surrounded by cement and then the raised beds along the edge with a cinder block wall behind.There is a large pine tree growing in corner of yard in raised bed. I have put in two Ice Berg roses/ Mandevilla vines and a few other small perennials and annuals. I want to hide a least some of the wall and soften the look. But I am having a hard time finding vines recommended for pool areas. The Mandevilla is by Sunset Garden bk. But they don't give many other choices and they are not available locally. I picture another vine with another shrub or two to form the bones. The raised beds are 2 &1/2 ft to about 4 or so ft deep, in some places. I have a few natives in already and am trying to be at least somewhat drought conscious. I bought two Bougainvillea then realized they would be messy near the pool. The area gets to sun- filtered shade. thank you I can't wait to read your ideas!

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Those iceberg roses are messy as well,at least my white ones are,they throw petals all over the place.Maybe some lantanas.They come in different colors,and aren't messy.Stay away from bower vine,that's pretty,but also messy.

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Would you really consider this a pool area since the beds are raised and will get no pool spill-over? Anyway, I was thinking of star jasmine as it would trail over the edge.

I assume you looked in the Sunset Western Garden book. I saw lantana there which would trail over too.

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Thanks for your comments. You both mentioned Lantana. As a ground cover it, I assume. I thought it gets too woody and invasive. Am I wrong? I do like the look of Lantana. I know what you mean Kathi about the roses. I guess I am willing to put up with a little mess. The Icebergs smell so nice.Don't want a big vine dropping a big mess though. Maybe I described my raised beds wrong.They are beds that surround the back yard space. I can stand and work in them. The leaves and other litter from the plants would fall onto the pool patio. I was actually considering a Jasmine.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

It depends on how hot it gets and which direction it faces. If you are planting against a concrete wall that faces south in a narrow bed with concrete in front of it reflecting the heat up, you may need to consider only plants that can really take heat.

If it is not too hot, Star Jasmine would be pretty, dark green, and you can grow it up a trellis. There are some climbing roses that like hot conditions- I think Fourth of July can take the heat, but it has a lot of thorns. Perhaps some green shrubs would give a cool look.

I like ivy geraniums. They cascade, they climb if they have a trellis, and they are non-stop bloomers. I might just plant those ivy geraniums with the little graceful pink and white flowers all over the place if I had a pool. They look fantastic with roses, especially Icebergs.


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The site has a couple of tall pine and ceder trees behind it so it gets filtered sun to full sun depending on where. My tomatoes are doing great and Ice Bergs look good so far. Yes concrete walls and patio, but I think with the trees it should not get too too hot. This will be my first summer so we will see. The area is on the north side but the beds face south and east. THe previous owners installed eye hooks all around the wall. I have put up garden string for the vines to climb on. I hope it is strong enough. I love the ideas of the geraniums, will have to look for them. Will they be messy?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The "mess" referred to is in the pool -- in other words, what will waft there, be blown there, and/or be tossed there.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Ivy geraniums are not messy at all. They do require water to look their best, though. They will not climb twine, because they don't have little tendrils to grab onto things or feet to attach to walls. I would put concrete reinforcing wire about one foot out from and parallel to the wall and plant the geraniums behind it. They will grow up and conceal the wire.

How big is the pine? Some are messy. Black pines look exquisite near pools and don't drop many needles, but some pines are nothing but mulch producers.


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Renee, I still love the idea of the Ivy Geraniums. But feeling a little guilty not considering more drought tolerant plants.
I wish the pines were not there and, yes one is very messy.I have not been able to identify it but it hangs over from my neighbors. They also have a Cyprus which doesn't seem too bad. Only one is mine.Planted in the corner,in the raised bed. I like the shade they offer but pines have got to be the worse choice. The nettles are tiny and sense my beds are raised there is no garden to sweep them into.

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Hi annemarieo,

I've finally convinced my husband to let me get rid of our backyard lawn, and am trying to redesign the yard, which has a pool, to accommodate raised or defined beds, with edibles and cutting flowers.

I am wondering if you'd share a photo of your beds that border the pool?

Thanks so much!

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Sure , I would be glad to send a photo.Unfortunately I do not have any on my computer or even in my camera. So give me time and I will take and download a couple, sometime tomorrow.

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ok I am sorry but I am having trouble getting the photos of my raised beds into this message. They sure don't make it easy. Where is the attachment link? I have a mac which probably complicates things further. Can someone help and I will try again.

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Still trying to place my photos in a message. I have some small jpegs in a folder on my desktop. But when I select and move them over to the message window it only shows one image and the message window is gone. There must be something I am missing. Do I have to post it in the gallery? I don't think everyone wants to see my ugly -unfinished beds. I am really (usually quite computer literate so this is frustrating for me.

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If you join photobucket or a similar free photo sharing site, you just load your photos on there, then you paste them here. It is really easy.
As far as your pool area, do you like cacti and succulents? No mess at all, drought tolerant, sculptural looking in some cases. If you're in So Cal, they're the ticket. Check out the Deborah Lee Baldwin book...Designing with Succulents...I think that's the title of it.

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thank you I will try to look into a photo sharing site this weekend.I am really surprised there is not a more direct way to share photos!
Just found out today a very dear lady friend of mine passed away. She was 90 and had a very full life. But she will be surely missed.So I am wallowing in my sorrow.
About the succulents and Cacti. No I really do not care for them too much. Maybe I would consider one or two mixed in with other things. But they are just not my thing.

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