Is moss a bad thing?

Dzitmoidonc(6)February 9, 2013

Hi. I have 4 Sarracenias (Pitcher Plants) growing in pots in a cool greenhouse. One is a species plant, the other 3 are hybrids. In the summer they are out, but after frost I bring them in. All are growing a good bit of moss in the pots, and I wonder if I should be trying to eliminate the moss. Three of the 4 bloom well, the hybrid 'Bates...' something is the only one that won't bloom. The amount of moss around that one is no more nor less than around the other ones.

On the other hand, I wonder if the 2 plants (moss, Pitcher Plant) don't complement each other, and maybe I should ignore or encourage the moss. I seem to recall a "How do I get rid of Moss" thread on here, and can't recall the discussion.

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Your Serracenias should be able to stay out all winter in Z 6. Perhaps this is why your "Bates" is hesitant to bloom.
The moss doesn't hurt the CP, so I would leave it for aesthetic value.

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Moss is no problem in my experience. In fact, it provides a fantastic seed bed for VFT. I have to thin the seedlings out-neat problem to have!

I grow several species of Serracenia as well as hybrids, and they all have native mosses growing at their base, and bloom and grow like crazy.

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