productive red tomatoes for SF Bay Area?

habitat_gardener(z9 CA/Sunset15)June 11, 2008

I offered to get a friend 2 tomato plants that will be productive for this area and have great flavor, one heirloom and one hybrid. She doesn't want cherry tomatoes. I've grown mostly heirlooms, but I'm looking for ideas for both heirlooms and hybrids. She had Early Girl in a container last year and thought the skin was too hard. The nurseries still seem to have a great selection. W're on the peninsula, so it's a little warmer than SF and the east bay, but not as hot as inland or the south bay. Larger ones tend to produce a few in the hottest part of summer, then peter out.

What have been your most productive and best tasting medium-size red tomatoes?

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wanda(Z9 CA)

Celebrity and Champion are determinate varieties that work well in containers and were good producers for me.


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Druzba had ridiculous production for me a couple years ago. Grew it in a 1/2 whiskey barrel. The fruits are medium sized. Early girl has always been good too. There are improved varieties of EG.
Spoiled for choice at most nurseries nowadays.

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Early Girl? Blech!
I would say Big Beef for a hybrid that's (still?) available even at places like Rite-Aid. If your nursery still has heirlooms, a common one which might fit what you are looking for is Arkansas Traveler.
Or maybe it would be easier for you to see what heirlooms are still available, and then post that list for opinions, because we could suggest all day, but if there are none for sale it won't help you.

Carla in Sac

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littlebird43(US 8/ Sun 14 Calif)

In my garden in Windsor, North of SF there is one tomato that I depend on every year. It's just a golfball plus size and some people call it a cherry tomato, but it produces a huge crop all season long. It beats everything else in taste. We're enjoying tomatoes long before the other varieties ripen. Oh, and it doesn't get full sun. It might be too small for your friend though.

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Cherrys and Early girl are staples..they succeed EVERY year when the others are hit and miss. Fog or no, Early girl comes her and she's fine. Your friends container can't compare to rich earth and consistant watering.
I just know those two never fail me. Beefsteak,Brandywine, Ace,SF fog...sometimes do.

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slo_garden(9 CA Coast)

I would suggest:


Marianna's Peace (maybe a little large)

I can think of others but they are not red.

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