nepenthes in winter

johny2008February 18, 2008

My house temps. in winter seem to adverage in the low sixties for daytime and the mid fifties for the nighttime. I'm still abit weary upon how this will effect my highland nepenthes. is this an okay temperature range for highland nepenthes in the wintr? my summer temps seem to be fine though, going into the high seventies in the day and the high fifties at night.

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I grow N. ventricosa, which is an "easy" highland species, in my basement under fluorescent lights, year round. In the winter the temps would run about 65F by day, and upper 50's at night. The plants have been fine with that for several years now.

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all_things_green(zone 7)

Hi johny2008, your highland nepenthes will do fine with those temps. Here's a quote from about there temp range, "Many highland Nepenthes prefer daytime temperatures of 65° - 90°F (18° - 32°C) and nighttime temperatures of 45° - 65°F (7° - 18°C). However, most will adapt to warm temperatures throughout the day. If new leaves become progressively smaller than the older leaves, you will need to find a way to cool down your plant at night". Though your daytime temps could be a bit higher, you night temps are on the money. You should be alright.
Good luck:)

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You'll be fine. Mine get down to 64-65F. daytimes and late night. I keep them in a South and west window.

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