Moldy G. Green Ice and bugs, oh no.

wantonamara Z8 CenTexMay 3, 2014

MY Gasteraloe 'Green Ice' has had this mold on it for awhile. How would you guys clean it up. It is in a Dish garden and it is the only plant that has it. The soil is old so it is a good year to change that out also. What substance should I rub it with ? I have sprayed fungicide of various types to no effect. I am thinking a 1 to 10 bleach or peroxide and water. Maybe just soap and water.

Second picture is my arch pest, The coreid bug. God I hate these guys. They give my opuntias unsightly hickies. They come in hordes and if I do nothing, I will find white leaky stuff all down the pads.. I hunt them when the sun gets low after work with my trusty spray bottle of Original Dawn soap. I take glee in watching their last gasps. If I find a grouping of egg casings hanging off a cactus thorn and I squish them to dust, I feel accomplished for a real sicko. I know that I have just killed 20 itty bitty babies with relish.

Coreid Bug

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I've, only, some experience with treating fungus with sulfur on roses, but, I do use this to prevent rot on succulent, orchid and cactus wounds and cuttings. It's helped stop rust from developing on the rose leafs. Perhaps a light dusting of garden sulfur could stop it's spread.
I'd think any bleach would be more harm than good. That can be very caustic to the surface of any plant.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

This is not rot. It is more like mildew.I have already used sulfur, cinnamon, Daconil, Bayer 3in one stuff. I am thinking I will try a gentle scrubbing (maybe scrub is wrong word) with soap and water. And work up testing on a samall surface first. and rinsing off immediately. I might have Killed the growth of the dark already but I need to be rid of it on the surface. I am hoping it has not "bonded" with the leaf surface.

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Experiment with an area of the effected plant rub a Q tip with a small amount of tinactin or some over the counter foot fungus cream.

Cant confirm if treating an entire gasteria this way would solve the problem as but did a good job for me with a noticable spot treatment.

Other method that would also help is to change the fungus growing enviroment. Would think better air circulation would be the best part of the fungus growing enviorment to change.

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Crenda SWFL 10A

I see you have some nice babies, so you've obviously had the plant for a while and care for it well. So I don't want to question your mold diagnosis by any means.

I have a similar looking place on my G. 'Green Ice' and thought it was part of the process of losing the outer leaf. The spot does not rub off and it does hang around for a long time without spreading on the plant. I've had it before and when I removed the leaf, the problem was gone. Was I wrong and I haven't address the real problem? I have used copper fungicide on my succulents with success, but it sounds like you have tried that. My soil is about 6 months old.

I have this showing on my plant right now. Since everything in SWFL molds, rusts or rots, I may have overlooked the obvious.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

NN, Not lack of ventilation. It is on a raised (11ft off the ground)covered porch, open on three sides facing south wind. Today, 25MPH winds. LOL. Bird feeder is clanging away. Blown dust, silt, etc. that then got moist might have created the situation. Tinactin EH. That is an interesting option. I do have some.I was thinking about changing dirt and going with mostly pumice this time. I think the dirt is 4 yrs old. It is a combination dish garden

Crenda, your spots do look like they have eaten into the surface. Mine are on top.

I did get my coffee and soap and water and peroxides and I washed the plant and with gentle rubbing , most came off. I think I might tinactin the crevices. NN, did you then wash it off after awhile?

Here is the whole pot in younger cleaner days.

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