what do you feed your Nep's when growing indoors?

phycodurus11(Zone 6)February 20, 2007

Just out of curiosity, for other Nepenthes growers that keep their plants indoors or in terrariums, what do you feed them? (Bugs/spiders in the house, bought from pet stores, etc.)Have you noticed they do better with high protien/low fat insects or something different?

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I keep my N. alata and my N. truncata highland indoors and they capture flys, fruitflys, and small ants. I didn't know I had an ant problems inside my house.

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If I find a stray bug, like a moth or beetle, I just plunk in a pitcher. Never noticed anything different, no matter what I did. Some people supplement with Osmocote pellets.

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I usually feed mine whatever I catch around the house. In fact, my wife got me a bug sucking vacume gun thing for christmas LOL. I think she got it at Toys R Us. If I haven't seen any lady bugs or spiders or what have you in a while, I drop by the pet store and buy a dollar worth of crickets. (they have 8 cent and 10 cent live ones and small cans of dead ones but the dead one smell so bad once the can has been opened, I decided to stick with the live meals)

On an semi-related topic, I found out recently that rasing your own meal worms may not be all that difficult and I may give it a shot this year. I already have some daphnia for my aquatics and I had planned on putting together an ant farm... it just seems a natural progression since I can't put my plants outside here. (it's a townhouse appartment)

Here is a link that might be useful: Aracknight's Deadly Delights

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Could I feed my nepenthes the same bugs (crickets, meal worms & wax worms) that I feed my geckos or are they too big? My pitchers are about 6 or 7 inches long. The crickets are about 1.5" and the worms range from 1-3". How often do you feed them and how many pitchers do you fill? I've previously kept nepenthes in the greenhouse and never had much luck but I've never fed them bugs before. I use distilled water on them and they have sufficient humidity so maybe it was the lack of food?

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phycodurus11(Zone 6)

insects are just supplemental nutrition. I would look at your lighting and appropriate temperatures, (is your nepenthes a highland or lowland?)before worrying about what to feed it. If it is producing pitches however, your probably in the correct range and they will grow great with a small change in one or the other. Neps can live off of just sun and water like any other plant and can usually catch their own insects, no home or greenhouse is completely insect free. If the pitchers are empty you could throw some crickets in, try the worms too if you want(I don't know if they care that they wouldn't be their natural food source in the wild?)And if your feeding dead crickets give the pitcher a shake. I use crickets, spiders, flies, and the ants they catch themselves. Try just one or two in a few formed pitchers and see if it helps. You can only overfeed if your plant is stressed and can tell if the insect just grows a mold or fungus in the pitcher and the insect doesn't break down.
P.S. crickets take a while and may get a little fungus if they are dead when they went in just because they take a little longer to break down than spiders and ants. I've started breaking them in half 1st.

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Yeah... what Phycodorus said! Feeding CP's is like feeding tropical fish.... less is wiser, epsecially since we have artificial environments. So we need to do the maintenance.

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