Grass as a Ground Cover in LA

atrojnuscJune 5, 2011

I have a planter bed that is relatively small (2 ft depth) that gets little to no sun. I'm thinking of using ornamental grass to fill in the area with a mix of some plants that thrive in shade. After visiting a couple of local nurseries, I'm considering mondo grass. Does anybody have any experience with this grass? In addition, do you know of any other ornamental grasses that would thrive in a shady area and are drought resistant?

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It spreads pretty good, so if you have an isolated planter bed it will fill it up eventually. I have the variegated version and it brightens up a gloomy spot very well, though my own personal preference is the dwarf version since it has a neater more uniform appearance. It does need some water, though not like a turf grass.

Not a grass at all, but strappy-leaved Clivia does well in deep shade and provides bright orange flowers. It is easy care and needs little water.

Blue Moor Grass, Sesleria caerulea prefers quite a bit of shade, but it likes a little sun and needs regular water to look pretty.

Hakonechloa macra, either the green, the gold, or the variegated version is exquisitely beautiful and does well in full shade, but drought tolerant it ain't.

Carex solandrii is fairly good in full bright shade, but looks better in dappled sunlight or some morning sun. It needs less water than Blue Moor or Hakone, but still needs water.

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