Cephalotus Stratification FAIL

mildewFebruary 15, 2014


I left Cephalotus Folliculari seeds between some coffee filters, moisten it, threw in bag, left in fridge.

Checked them today, and it had some slight mold on them. Removed to clean them, but the seeds are very soft and soggy now.

Is this a failed attempt at stratifying the seeds?

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Sounds like it, yeah. :( I've never attempted to sow carnivorous seeds but I do grow some cephalotus. The things they HATE above all is too much humidity and not enough airflow. I don't imagine the seeds would be different.

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That's what I thought thanks.

I'll just start with a live plant instead.

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A good plant will send off offshoots which grow a lot quicker than seeds anyway. I recently repotted a C. Squat Clone... 3 months later I have two babies that are about to start putting out adult pitchers. I must've broke a root or something by accident.

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You can try fungicide with suffer base. I been using Lilly Miller 1 lb. Garden Sulfur mix with 4 ppm water. It works well with most plant even with cephalotus

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