Pear buds that refuse to open

Bob_B(Sunset 14, Ca.)June 8, 2010

In February I planted a bare root pear tree. It's still alive, has the same small tufts of leaves at the tips of its eight branches, and has the same buds -- UNOPENED. Nor have the leaves grown so much as a millimeter. The plant is alive but totallly unchanged. If plants could think, I know this one would be having a ball just driving me nuts! Anyone encounter this? Is there something to shock the tree into growing? (How about 220 volts!?)


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Dick_Sonia(Sunset 17)

Sounds like a bad case of transplant shock. The top growth may be alive, but there is no functional root system at this point. You'll just have to sit tight and see if the tree manages to get established. Fertilizing will only make things worse. Make sure that there is adequate water to the developing root zone, but don't drown it.

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I agree with the above. I think the tree was not well kept in the bare root condition and was stressed when you bought it. Al

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