Ouch, my skin

tressa(SECA)June 29, 2011

Do any of you gardeners suffer from contact dermititis or eczema? Every spring/summer I end up spending time inside to recover from my eczema flare-ups from pruning and weeding. God help me if I touch something that my skin doesn't like. Wearing gloves even creates problems. I have been putting up with this all of my life - but more so the last couple of years when I finally have time to REALLY garden. I need some suggestions/advice from any of you that deal with this!!! Please! sob....

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Yes, I do, tressa. Junipers and burmuda grass (which I am still terribly allergic to). I remember trying to feed my horses bermuda grass. That was disasterous! I use long gloves that cover my lower arms (my awesome rose gloves) when I know I'm going to be touching plants I have issues with. You can also try Ivy Stop, which halts the contact dermatitis associated with Poison Ivy, or try putting on Benadryl Gel before you go out and garden. And, be sure to come in and wash immediately using liquid dishwashing soap, to strip off any plant oils, then smooth on Benadryl Gel and some hydrocortisone cream as well. Lastly, if you know you're for sure going to have a reaction, take your allergy medication before you go out and garden. I often have to do this during allergy season for my hayfever symptoms. I take it in the evening every evening and that helps my hayfever as well as my contact dermatitis issues. Lastly, if this is really terrible, talk with your doctor for stronger script topical creams that you can try if the above suggestions don't help you out.

Patty S. (RN)

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It might be some of the plant oils etc. Shower immediately, leave your shoes outside or in garage etc, wash the clothes seperatly, don't touch your face and make sure your nails are cleaned.
Pine trees bother me and will have a rash for just a day from being poked.
I get the red dots when poked by my sago but it goes away in an hour or so.
If I were you I would wear long sleeves and pants and maybe take an antihistimine or see a dermatologist.

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Thank you, Patty, for all of your advice. I am going to be more diligent - as soon as I can get this ezcema cleared up. And gobluedjim....I am going to cut my nails really short (never thought about that) and yes, shower immediately. My doc called in 3 different prescriptions because nothing seemed to work. I am definately going to get some of that gel Patty.

It all started when I got a new electric weed-eater. I have a generator in the back of DH's Rhino so I can drive around the property with electricity. We had so much rain and weeds this year that my agressive weed-eating really did a number on me and my allergies!

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